If you have come looking to make TRULY dangerous toys for boys you are at the right spot! Or maybe you have finally succumbed to the constant whining about “needing” a bullwhip since the release of the new Indiana Jones movie. Either way, this easy homemade bullwhip is sure to contribute to hours of playing Raiders of the Lost Ark.

DIY duct tape bullwhip
How to Make a Bullwhip

If you’re looking for a safer activity to do with your boys, check out this super cool glow-in-the-dark slime, and these outdoor games are fun for the whole family!

Thank you to Wesley Scoggins Indy Mogul for the clever idea to use duct tape for this Indiana Jones bullwhip. The brown duct tape makes the bullwhip look real and it really is an easy diy whip that even your kids can help with.

How to make a duct tape bullwhip

Supplies Needed:

  • Brown “Duck” tape (we found this at Wal-Mart) cut into 3- 12 foot lengths
  • 10″ piece of 3/8″ wooden dowel rod
  • a foot or so of twine for the “popper” if desired

1.Begin by placing two chairs 12 feet apart. Place three strips of tape between the chairs.

3 strips of duct tape
3 Strands of Duct Tape

2. Fold each of the pieces of tape in half length ways-leave attached to the chair.

Fasten 3 strips of tape to back of chair

3. Leave tape hooked on one of the chairs and begin braiding. Braiding 12 feet of duct tape isn’t really pleasant but is certainly less painful than paying $50.00 plus for a bullwhip! We tried several methods: hanging it up high, and laying it on the ground. We found it easiest to leave it attached to the chair and have another person help untangle the strips of duck tape as you braid. My eleven-year-old Harrison Ford wannabe was able to do most of the braiding.

braid three strips together

4. Once you have reached the end take another piece of tape and wrap it around the braid to fasten off.

fasten ends with small strip of duct tape

5. Remove the other end from the chair and attach these ends of tape to the wooden dowel.

attach wooden dowel to end of bullwhip with more duct tape

6. Begin wrapping the dowel with tape until you have completely covered the handle. When finished we took a small piece of tape and covered each end and then wrapped a small piece once again around the dowel to make it secure.

wrap duct tape around wooden dowel

7. If you want to make the popper. as it definitely adds to the authentic look of the Indiana Jones bullwhip.

add a small nylon string to end of bullwhip for popper

Finished! How does it work?—–Probably not well enough to kill someone or allow you to hang from a tree (we’re trying though) but well enough to cause some damage to your house and possibly harm a friend, so please be careful cracking a bullwhip!

duck tape bullwhip coiled and attached to belt loop on pants like Indiana Jones

Hopefully, I have shown you how to make a whip in under 30 minutes. Although it took us a few tries, we definitely had a great afternoon together with lots of. laughing and brainstorming. I’m always amazed at how creative kids can be, especially when they want something as cool as an Indiana Jones whip!

Duct Tape or Duck Tape

Duct tape, also known as duck tape, is a widely used adhesive tape. It was originally developed during World War II as a waterproof adhesive for bandages and ammunition cases. Its versatility soon found other uses – from patching up leaky pipes to taping pieces of cardboard together to make a makeshift shelter.

Duct tape is still one of the most useful tools to use in a survival situation or just fixing something around the house.

Duct tape refers to a broad range of tapes, while Duck Tape® refers to a specific brand of duct tape.

More Duct Tape Crafts

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