Kids Book Club Reading printables are in partnership with ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers.

A Kids Book Club can be the perfect motivation for ongoing reading.  Keeping kids reading can often be a chore but these fun reading printables will be sure to motivate and keep kids reading all summer long! Print off a reading log, download book discussion questions, whip up a colorful bunting, make monster corner bookmarks and craft your own DIY sticker bookplates. Find everything you need for reading fun!

Kids Book Club Printables

Kids Book Club PrintablesThese reading printables are bright and cheery thanks to Astrobrights Paper. Without a doubt, it is easy to #colorize your world with these amazing colors. Astrobrights has 24 colors and now sticker paper!

astrobrights paper

Reading Printables Supplies

  • ASTROBRIGHTS®  Paper (some of the colors used in these projects are Solar Yellow™, Cosmic Orange™, Fireball Fuschia™, Planetary Purple™,  Martian Green™, Lunar Blue™, Venus Violet™)
  • ASTROBRIGHTS®  Matte White Sticker Paper (available at Walmart)
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick
  • Printer
  • Twine, ribbon or string
  • Reading Printables

reading materials supplies

Books I Love Printable Reading Banner

The colored Astrobrights cardstock works perfectly to help kids create a banner where they can show off the books they love!

reading banner

Download the reading banner and print on Astrobrights colored cardstock.  Let children write down their favorite book on each pennant. Cut out the pennants and fold the top over a piece of string and glue.

reading log banner

Moster Corner Bookmarks

Help kids keep their spot when finished reading with cool monster corner bookmarks

monster corner bookmarks on book

Download the corner bookmark template, print on Astrobrights colored paper and cut out.

corner bookmark printable template

Fold in the pointed side to the side.

step 1 corner bookmark

Now fold the other pointed side to the other side and glue.

corner bookmark step 2

Print the monster features on Astrobrights  Matte White Sticker Paper. Cut out the features and stick to the bookmark.

sticking features to corner bookmark

This picture shows you just how to fold the template to make your very own monster corner bookmark. Fold the left point to the right side. Place a bit of glue on the top and then fold the right point to the left side.

how to make corner bookmark

To use the bookmark slip on the corner of the page to know just where you left off.

DIY corner bookmark in book

Printable Reading Log

Kids will need to keep track of the books they read. This cute monster sitting on books will work perfectly. Each book has a place for the child to write a book title.

monster reading log

Children’s Book Club Questions

Don’t miss this opportunity with your kids to open up the lines of communication and discuss the book. Here are some great questions to ask your child to get the conversation flowing after reading a book.

printable book questions for kids

Printable Sticker Book Plates

One thing we all know is kids can lose books. Use the  Astrobrights sticker paper to keep track of all your child’s books.  It is perfect for sticker bookplates! Just download the printable bookplates and print in color on the sticker paper. There won’t be any question who is the book’s owner with these cute sticker bookplates.

sticker bookplates

Peel the protective paper from the back of the sticker paper.

sticker paper bookmark

Place the sticker bookplate in the front of your book!

DIY bookplates

What a cute way to keep track of special books!

printable bookplates

Book Club for Kids

Now that you have all these amazing printables how about throwing a summer kids book club party? Kids can come and make their very own reading banner and monster bookmarks. Send them home with a reading log and agree to meet monthly and talk about a chosen book! How fun! Until you meet again be sure to have your child decorate a reading nook with their bunting and cozy up to a good book.

child reading book

More Projects for Astrobrights Sticker Paper

I am loving this new sticker paper. If you have followed me for awhile you will know that I am always saying go to the printer and ask them to print on a solid sheet of label paper. Now you can print at home.

Here are some of my favorite sticker paper projects.


I could go on and on………. you are going to love this paper! Be sure to keep some on hand because I already have some fun projects I am dreaming up!



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