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Inspirational Quotes for Teens

Posted by  ·  March 30, 2018  ·  Last Updated: March 23, 2019

I love teenagers! It’s a good thing because I am on my third teenager.  It’s official my Bella turned 13 this year.  I love inspirational quotes and uplifting messages and so do teens.  Some might just call them mimes though.  Here are some inspirational quotes for teens they are sure to love. They will love these positive quotes for teens. Save them, print them, put them in their lunch. Brighten your teens day today.  You might even send your teens here to find a few new quotes  to share with their friends who need a pick me up! I have quotes about love, quotes about life, uplifting quotes and encouraging quotes.  Do you like also like inspirational quotes? Then you will love all my posts and downloadable quotes! I have best friend friendship quotes that are perfect to share with a friend, quotes that give inspiration and motivation, these beautiful friendship quotes, and here are a few more motivational quotes. Remember when I said I love quotes? If you have someone graduating this year I also have some free printable cards with a few more positive quotes. What is your favorite quote or saying? Leave it below in the comments.

Inspirational Quotes for Teens

Here are a few positive quotes for teens I found on a page that has 25 more teen quotes.

Teens need reminders about who they are. They don’t have the perspective from experience. I love this quote that helps them see that they have more potential than they ever realized.

Help them see that having true friends matters more than anything… Teens often loose who they are and force themselves to act a certain way to fit in. Remind them of what is important when things are tough! This is the perfect one to text your child when they are showing character and standing up for themselves in a friend group.

What we see on the outside often makes people judge us or at the very least think they know who are. Remind them that what see on the outside is not enough. We must learn a person’s story!

It’s easy to say things we regret and it is a hard lesson to learn that what we say can’t be taken back! I love this positive quote reminder.

positive quotes

This may be something I have said many times to my children.  It is a hard lesson to learn but it is what life is all about. You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice…  Great for anyone, especially teenagers 🙂 You can even get this motivational quote as a picture to hang in your home. 

motivational quote

Here are a few more quotes I love from via @prettydesigns

I always wish I could help teens see how truly unique and beautiful they are. It is so hard to keep your self-esteem in those tough teen years. These below are great reminders for teens.

Make today good!

teen quotes


Last, of all I have always loved this quote by Dr. Suess! It is such a great reminder for teens to be themselves.

happiness quote

Got teens? Check out this post with Coloring Pages for Teenagers.

Got a teen in your life? Go hug them today, tell them why you love them. Tell them you notice all the good things they do! They need to hear praise and encouragement more often!

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  1. Kai
    Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019
    Wow! I am just about to start my exams and these definitely helped my BFF and myself... thanks so much for sharing them.
  2. Saturday, February 2nd, 2019
    My granddaughter is turning 13 and I would like to make a special message board about her. I don’t have a clue where to start. Are you able to help me with this?