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Free Printable Graduation Cards with Positive Quotes

Posted by  ·  May 15, 2019  ·  Last Updated: May 15, 2019

Download these free printable graduation cards with positive quotes, and attach a little DIY money diploma for the perfect gift for the graduate.  We get invited to so many graduation parties as both friends and family, so I am always looking for creative ways to give money. I love that these cards have positive quotes to give the college graduate or your special high school grad a bit of encouragement for their new journey.

College and high school graduations happen in May – we tend to get graduation invitations and graduation announcements in the mail beginning in April, but seem to wait till the last minute to figure out gifts every year. If you’re like me and running short on time, these graduation cards can be printed in minutes. If you have a little more time, make this graduation cap card to hold a gift card.

graduation cards

Graduation Cards Supplies

  • graduation cards download with positive quotes
  • white cardstock
  • envelopes to fit 5 X 7 cards
  • glue dots
  • money
  • ribbon in the graduate’s school color
  • scissors
Graduation Cards Supplies

First, we’ll make the homemade “diploma.” To do that, simply roll up your money, and tie with a little piece of ribbon. What a cute money diploma!

DIY money diploma

Free Graduation Cards with Positive Quotes

To put these handmade cards together in minutes, just download and print the card in color on white cardstock.  Then cut out the card. Finally, attach the money diploma to the card with a glue dot.  It will fasten your cash gift to the card securely, but not harm the money.

This card is for those special girls! You will find one card of each design on the paper.

{ She believed she could so she did!”graduation card download} {“And so the adventure begins!” graduation card download}

she believed she could so she did graduation card

This card will work for either a boy or a girl. Isn’t it true…. an adventure awaits them!

and so the adventure begins graduation card

Grab some black envelopes that fit a 5 X 7-inch card (I found mine at a craft store) and you are ready to wish your grad a bright future! If you’re wondering what personal greetings to write in a graduation card, or how much money to give at graduation, read on for some tips.

graduation cards with money diploma

Do you need some sweet treats to celebrate your grad?  How cute are these graduation cap cookies!?! The graduation cap pops will be a hit too! We made our son this DIY lighted marquee sign when our son graduated from High School – it was the perfect decoration for our party.

Check out these graduation gifts you can make.  I hope all these graduation ideas make celebrating all the grads in your life easy!

Here are some more creative ways to give money. You will find printable gift tags that you pair with a funny gift.

creative ways to give money


What do you write in a graduation card?

The money is nice, of course, but nothing makes a new high school or college graduate as proud as the heartfelt words of a loved one on their big day. What do you write in a graduation card?

In general, you should congratulate the grad on their accomplishments, wish them well, related some personal wisdom or anecdotes if you have some, and make it sincere. Tell a joke if that’s how you roll!

But if you’re feeling stuck, keep it simple and sincere. Try some of these elegant ways to say “congratulations”:

  • You are bound for great things – you’re off to a great start!
  • This is just the beginning of your adventure! Congratulations!
  • You’ve worked hard to get here – the world is waiting to see what you’ll do next!
  • Anything is possible. You have so much to offer.
  • Here’s to a beautiful and successful future!
  • We are so proud of all you’ve accomplished. Congratulations.

How much money do you give for graduation?

You’ve got your card, you’ve got your personal message for your graduate. Now to the really tricky question that seemingly everybody struggles over: how much money is appropriate to give as a graduation gift?

The answer to that question depends on how close you are to the grad, what level of educational milestone they’ve achieved, and other personal factors. One thing you shouldn’t assume is that a cash gift will be interpreted by your graduate as too impersonal – many young grads prefer to receive money because they’ve got a lot of new expenses as they start the next chapter of their lives.

If you aren’t that close to the graduate, you might give a gift of money ranging from $20 to $50. A coworker, neighbor, or family friend might give an amount in that range. If you’re closer, you might give more than $50. Parents or grandparents, for example, would give $100 or more.

That said, it all depends on finances and your personal situations. How much you give comes down to how much you are comfortable giving.

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  1. Karen W
    Thursday, May 16th, 2019
    Great way to give cash!
  2. Craig
    Saturday, May 20th, 2017
  3. Teddy
    Friday, May 19th, 2017
    It's graduation in my school at the end of the month, and thank god that I read your post !!!!
    Thanks for sharing great card!
    • Cindy
      Monday, May 13th, 2019
      So glad this helped Teddy!