Are you looking for a doll diaper pattern? Look no further! Let me show you how to make a simple and easy doll diaper. This baby doll diaper pattern is perfect for people who sew that want to make diapers for about a 15-inch baby doll. Follow these simple steps, and you will have a sweet little diaper in no time!

baby doll wearing cloth diaper make from free doll diaper pattern
Doll Nappy Pattern

Doll Diaper Supplies

Whip up a stack of nappies for dolls in no time at all with just a few supplies. These are very easy to make, but if you want a simple doll diaper pattern PDF so you don’t have to spend time figuring it out feel free to download my cloth diaper sewing pattern.

doll diaper pattern free download (cloth nappy)
Doll Cloth Nappy Pattern

How to Make a Diaper for a Child’s Doll

  1. Cut two pieces of fabric.  I used a soft flannel, in pink of course (in my daughter’s eyes there are no other colors). Place the pattern piece on the fold of the fabric.

    These cloth diapers would be so cute made from a fun print. You could also choose to use a printed cotton for the outside and a plain flannel for the inside of the diaper. baby-doll-diaper.jpg
  2. Stitch the two pieces right sides together.  Leave about a 2-inch opening on the straight edge along the back for turning. nappy pattern for doll pinned together to stitch
  3. Clip corners and curves. 
  4. Turn the fabric right side out. 
  5. Whip stitch opening closed. 
  6. Sew the velcro on the inside of the back flaps and on the outside of the front. I am confusing you with the picture. Pretend it is flipped over. 

    NOTE: Actually, this is easy, just lay your diaper out and fold it up and you will see where the velcro goes.  It is probably a good idea to try it on your doll to get the correct velcro placement.doll diaper with velcro placement

These only take minutes, including the time it takes to re-thread the sewing machine needle when the thread breaks sewing the velcro on (does anyone have any tips for this)? My daughter aka “little mommy” will be in heaven with this gift!

Okay, this might seem like the craziest gift, but I tell you my little girl is going to adore a stack of these baby doll diapers. Really a diaper is the only ‘clothes’ our babies wear if any. I think I might cut some pieces of fabric so she can have diapers and wipes.

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  1. Velcro–dab on some reusable adhesive, some call it quilt spray. Add zipper foot and sew on that tiny blank edge around velcro.

  2. Malin, I think your doll would work. You could print out the pattern and then cut it out of the paper to test. If it is too big, try reducing by 10%. I can’t find the doll to measure.

  3. Hi,
    Can I ask what size dolls this diaper is. I’m looking for a diaper pattern for a 16″ doll.
    Can I use your pattern for this?

  4. When our neice made her First Holy Communion at 15,we were lucky enough to find a First Communion doll with all most the same poofy communion dress,veil,lace anklets and white shoes on just like she wore!It had the cloth diaper,rubberpants and tee shirt all ready on under its dress and the rubberpants fit blousy over the diaper just like the neice’s rubberpants fit over her diaper.

  5. Does this diaper fit a Bitty Baby?
    I don’t have the dolls I’m sewing for nearby to test the fit or velcro placement .

  6. This is wonderful! Does anyone know if this will fit the Baby Stella doll? I know some of their patterns are interchangeable. Thanks so much!

  7. I have made one diaper , based on your pattern. Going to how it fits a Baby Alive doll. The only thing I skipped is the hand sewing. Instead, I pressed the turning opening seam allowenses in and top stitched around the diaper. My grand daughter is going to love these new diapers.

  8. So happy to find this. My daughter-in -aw is expecting this week. However, while getting ready for the birth, my 3 year old grand daughter is sneaking diapers for her dolls. I am making 6 for her.

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