Fourth of July Coloring Pages

    Posted by  ·  June 28, 2018

    The 4th of July can be a  busy day and if the kids need a little downtime these free Fourth of July coloring pages can help them relax while being entertained.  Download, print and color 4th of July coloring pages for fun!

    4th of July Coloring Pages

    {Fourth of July Coloring Page}

    printable fourth of July coloring pages

    Download, print on regular copy paper and let them color away. Coloring pages are a great activity for kids and adults!  I usually set coloring sheets out with a variety of colored pencils outside on a table and also inside on a table. This gives guests a chance to take a break from swimming or the heat and relax with a bit of coloring. They also will have something to take home!


    • If it is a hot day make sure to only use colored pencils outside. Crayons will melt.
    • Place a rock or heavy object on the stack of coloring pages so a gust of wind doesn’t blow them away.
    • It is nice to have a place to display the coloring pages before guests take them home.
    • Covering a table with white butcher paper is another fun way to provide a coloring spot at a party

    Fourth of July Coloring Pages

    This Coloring Page is perfect for dog lovers!


    {Fourth of July Coloring Page For Dog Lovers}

    printable 4th of July Coloring Pages

    For more last-minute ideas for the 4th of July try my red, white and blue layered drink or these red, white and blue cake mix cookies. These super festive red white and blue cupcakes make a show-stopping Fourth of July dessert!

    We love free coloring pages and have them for every holiday not just Fourth of July coloring pages!  Don’t forget to record the special moments with a graphic organizer coloring page. One of our favorites is the year in review. Each year we fill it out to see how our daughter is changing.  I wish I had these when my boys were little. You can see all the coloring pages by clicking here.

    Don’t worry we update the Year In Review Coloring page every year.


    Hope you like these 4th of July coloring pages and will check out all the holidays!


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