Do you know someone that you hope will feel better soon? How about sending them get well wishes for a speedy recovery with this get well care package! It is the perfect way of sending love through a tough time.

If you have a friend in recovery from surgery this post surgery care package will help them relax and know you are in their thoughts and send them well wishes for surgery! From college kids to summer campers find the perfect idea with these care package ideas.

Get Well Care Package
feel better soon care package filled with candy

Feel Better Soon!

Recovery is hard work! Send thoughts and prayers with these care packages. These packages are especially nice when you can’t be there in person to give good care yourself!  You’ll bring a smile to your friends and loved ones!

It is super easy to put together this care package with these printable gift tags. Download and print on cards stock. Cut out and punch a hole at the top to attach with ribbon or twine. This feel better soon care package is for a high school student that has been feeling sick and will be needing lots of rest at home to feel better. A package in the mail I hope will brighten her spirits and let her know we are thinking about her. We are wishing her a fast and full recovery.

{Printable Get Well Gift Tags}

printable get well tags


Each tag pairs with a treat (gift ideas included next to the saying)! The printable tags make this super easy to assemble. You can even pick up all the items at the grocery store. What a great way to send happy thoughts and say, “Get Better Soon!”

  • “Before you know it you will be saying HI-HO HI-HO it’s back to school I go!” – Ho Ho snack cake
  • “We’re always here to help when you’re in a crunch!” – Crunch candy bar
  • “We heard you are going through a sour patch, we are thinking of you” – Sour Patch Kids candy or other sour candy
  • “You are m & m magnificent & marvelous!” – m & m candies
  • “Life can be hard, hope this helps you roll with the punches” – Rolo candy
  • “You make this world colorful!” – Skittles or anything colorful, coloring book, colored pencils
  • “Hope you get feeling BUTTER soon! Don’t lift a FINGER ’till you’re well” – Butterfinger candy bar

candy with speedy recovery gift tags

You make this world colorful gift tag is perfect to wrap up a coloring book and colored pencils to help them pass the time and relax.

you make world colorful gift tag on coloring book

How to send get well wishes

Fill all the goodies inside a box. Really it is like a gift basket in a box! I clipped one more heartfelt message on the top. This gift tag is part of another thinking of you care package. You can find it here. Thinking of you care package.  Both of these care packages are a wonderful way to wish someone a speedy recovery and encourage them to take things one day at a time! !

If you are including other items and the box is heavy you can use a flat rate shipping box from the post office to save money on shipping. They will give you the boxes for free.

get well gift care package in box


Need a little sunshine to brighten your day? The sun will be shining for your friend when you send this box of sunshine. You will find little tags that say hugs and kisses, let me lend you a hand when life hands you lemons add vodka and many more. What a fun way to say don’t worry be happy and help someone through a difficult time.

Box of Sun

box of sunshine

I hope these care packages bring a smile to your face and help you send care and comfort to a friend. For sure it sends them the cutest get well wishes and lets them know you are wishing them a quick recovery and good health.

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  1. I used this and it was so easy to create a darling and meaningful gift. Thank you so so much.

  2. These were so inspiring and meant a lot to a friend who’s going through a ruff time

  3. I sent a care package to a college student this month. Thank you so much for the tags–she thought it was the best thing ever!

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