When school begins I try to send a little back to school gift for my child’s teachers. I want them to know that they can call on me during the year for any help they might need. It also gives me the chance to share the phone number I am most easily reached at!

I know a teacher can always use extra soap in the classroom for hand washing and since I am offering a “hand” –hand soap makes the perfect gift!

First find a pretty bottle of hand soap, sanitizer or lotion.

I think these modern bottles make this little teacher gift extra special!

Back to school gift for teachers

Download the gift tag, print it out on card-stock, cut it out and tie onto the soap with a ribbon.  I left a space on the front for you to add your name and phone number. Don’t forget to make a few extra for the staff at school that also can use help but often get overlooked (secretary, paraprofessionals, librarian etc). Really this warm gesture would be nice for anyone that could use a hand!

{Printable “If I Can Give You A Hand” Gift Tag}

Back to school teacher gift tags

If you are looking for more back to school gift idea download over 50 cute gift tags to make gift giving super easy.  All you do is print a tag and attach to a little gift for a “Pun-tastic gift!  Each tag even comes with gift ideas. Click the link for a cute gift tag paired with Sharpie markers.  Download over 50 more tags for $4.99. Your teacher will be happy you did!
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{Back to School Gift Tags}


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  1. This is the CUTEST idea! Easy, cost effective and something a teacher would love. Just bought soap from my local farmer’s market that is going to be perfect for this!

  2. These tags are too cute! I’m a teacher and would love to give this as a thank you gift to parent helpers. Could you make me a tag that said something like, “Thanks for giving me a hand.”??

  3. These rock. I’m going to use them for my Scentsy customers when I give them little gifts! Thank you.

  4. What a simple and great idea. I plan on using these for two friends that are having medical troubles at this time. Be a great visiting gift to drop off to them.

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