Walker Caddy Tutorial by Melly Sews

    Posted by  ·  November 25, 2013

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    Hey y’all, I’m Melissa, and I blog over at Melly Sews, where I help you take your dreams and learn how to sew them into reality.

    Walker Caddy Tutorial by Melly Sews - great gift for elderly relatives

    Today I’m going to show you a gift that is great for elderly relatives. But this is also pretty easy to adapt for those who have just had babies, because they’re often pushing their own walkers around – in the form of a stroller! Stroller or walker, this Walker Caddy Tutorial will show you an easy-to sew way to help those with their hands full.

    Walker Caddy and Cup Holder - Melly Sews - http://mellysews.com Walker Pouch - Easy To Sew, Great Gift - Melly Sews http://mellysews.com

    With front pockets for larger items…

    Walker Tote Tutorial with pockets on both sides - easy to sew tutorial by Melly Sews http://mellysews.com

    And back pockets for items that need to be easily accessible (like glasses).

    To make this caddy you’ll need

    • Two pieces of fabric measuring 18″ x 36″. One of these should be a heavier weight fabric – like heavy twill, denim, canvas, etc.
    • Ties or ribbon – I used ties made of bias tape sewn shut – you’ll need 1 1/2″ yards
    • 1/2 yard of sew on velcro

    To start, cut your two pieces of fabric to 18″ by 36″

    Step 1 - Measurements

    With your sturdier fabric wrong side up, fold the two ends up as deep as you want the pockets to be. I made the pockets on one side 8 inches deep and 5 inches deep on the other side. Iron these folds so that you leave a crease in the fabric. Then, with pockets still pressed up, fold the fabric in half right sides together and press that fold as well.

    Step 2 press ends

    Cut your tie ribbon into 4 equal length pieces. Using your pressed creases as a guide, lay your fabric right side up and pin the ties right next to the pocket folds, and pin the velcro about 3-4 inches to each side of the center fold. Sew on velcro and ties.

    Step 3 sew on ties and velcro

    Place your other piece of fabric right sides together with your tied/velcroed piece and sew around the edges, stopping with your needle down at the corners to turn and leaving an opening for your hand to turn this right side out.

    Step 4 - Sew sides together, leave hole for turning

    Turn the caddy right side out. Press the edges and topstitch all around the edges, closing the hole you used to turn the caddy right side out. Then fold the pockets back up and stitch down sides, backstitching to reinforce the top edges of the pockets. Sew dividing lines on the pockets, backstitching at these top edges as well.

    Step 5- Fold up pockets and stitch in place

    And then all that’s left is to fold this caddy onto the recipient’s walker, securing the velcro and the ties.

    P.S. – I have a tutorial for the cup holder shown in these pictures here.

    Thanks for having me, Cindy, and I hope some of y’all will stop by and say hi!

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    1. Betty
      Sunday, January 28th, 2018
      Thank you for this site. My husband is having total knee surgery and I was searching for a bag for the walker he will be using. Your pattern was the best one I found and looking forward to getting this ready for his walker.
      Keep up the wonderful work your doing in sharing so much sewing information.
    2. Amy C
      Friday, November 24th, 2017
      Thank You!!!! My Mom is going for a third (or is it fourth) surgery for her hip. She is seriously stubborn and will insist on being up and around. Although this can be a good thing, not so much when she tries to carry stuff with her despite having somewhere to carry it. Did I mention that she is stubborn? This will be a literal lifesaver.
    3. Ann Rosine
      Sunday, February 8th, 2015
      Hi Cindy. I sew but I get so busy crocheting for charity, so I've been looking for some kind of portable caddie to use for the back of a wheelchair. When you are the one pushing someone, you find yourself juggling purses, papers, and etc. I use one of those folding light weight chairs for my mom when we go out of the house, and I'm always juggling things. When we go to Walmart and etc, we use one of their wheel chairs with a grocery cart on the front. But they only hold so much, and I could use a carruse a carrier to put small items in to leave room for bigger items.
    4. Theresa
      Thursday, December 4th, 2014
      Thank you for posting this tutorial! It's just what I needed as my grandmother began using a walker this year. I wanted to make her a stylish caddy for Christmas. Thanks! :)
    5. Angela Barker
      Thursday, November 6th, 2014
      My grandmother is 97, still lives alone, and just recently started using a walker. I noticed yesterday she had a Wal-Mart bag tied to it to hold her things. I found your pattern on Pinterest this morning and was able to whip out a snazzy new bag for Grandma in just about an hour! Great tutorial, very easy to follow instructions. Thank you!
    6. Bonnie Thiem
      Saturday, September 13th, 2014
      These are great. I wish I had had these when my mother was alive. She could have used them.
    7. Sunday, July 6th, 2014
      I was excited to find your Walker Caddy pattern. I printed it out so that I'll have it when I'm ready to make it. I could not download the cup pattern because there is no response when the print button is pushed. Can you help me with that?

      They will be a blessing to the many handicaped people that can use them.
      My neigbor down the street is one of them.

    8. SOOMEI
      Saturday, May 24th, 2014
      thank you. this is so useful. trying to make one for mum. but i am a little lost. cant figure out the right side/wrong side ..... and whether the ties are on the right side or wrong side?
    9. Patricia
      Tuesday, February 4th, 2014
      Thank you for your patter for walker caddies.

      Is there a way to print out the instructions?

      My daughter works at a senior center, she asked me to make some. My computer is not near my sewing machine... sure be nice to be able to sit an read directions. Your pattern looks like just what she needs.

      I tried to copy but could not.

      Thank you,

    10. Friday, January 24th, 2014
      Thank you for sharing the tutorial on making the walker bag. I enjoy making them to have on hand for some needy person that needs one. It is so rewarding to give, rather than receive. With your help, many elderly,
      handicap people will enjoy this bag. God Bless you always.
    11. Patti
      Sunday, December 29th, 2013
      I do not sew (don't have a machine) but really would like to have that walker caddy for my 89 yr old mother in law. Can you make it?
      • Tuesday, December 31st, 2013
        Hi Patti, I do have the name of someone that can sew if you want to email me. Thanks
    12. Beth
      Tuesday, November 26th, 2013
      Thanks for giving us your time and this tutorial to create something for our walker friends!
    13. Monday, November 25th, 2013
      I was so happy to see your walker caddy tutorial. One never knows what it is like to have to use a walker and wonder how in the world am I going to carry all my stuff and manuever this thing at the same time. Thank you for sharing.
    14. Wendy
      Monday, November 25th, 2013
      Great idea and a helpful project. My favorite homemade gift was a set of crocheted ornaments from my great aunt.