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Salt Painting For Kids

Posted by  ·  July 27, 2016  ·  Last Updated: July 27, 2016

Salt Painting is a creative way to have kids paint in the kitchen.  Check out one of the many Kids Crafts and Activities we are sharing this summer here on Skip to my Lou . Just look at this boredom buster idea list for even more inspiration. This Paper Plate Magnet Maze is a unique game you can make at home. This toilet a paper tube puppets are really cute and easy to put together.

salt painting

Easy & Fun Salt Painting

Hi Skip to My Lou Readers! I’m so happy to be here! Thanks Cindy for inviting HowDoesShe to be a guest poster.  I’m Katie, I work at HowDoesShe as a contributor, in social media, and their secretary. We’re thrilled to share a fun craft with you!

This year my oldest child turns 14 and she wants a fun luau for her birthday, so right now we’re in the thick of planning and decorating. And of course, being 13, almost 14 she totally LOVES any crafts she can get her hands on. Especially something she’s never done before. When I showed her this salt painting craft with her favorite, a pineapple, she immediately decided she wanted to make it for her party!

It’s pretty simple and the supplies are basic. You’ll need some black paper, white glue, salt, and water-colors. Any design will do. I chose a pineapple to go with our Luau theme.

salt painting 2















First step is draw your design with your glue. You can outline this first in pencil or just freehand it like I did. I did print out a picture of a pineapple so I had something to look at and refer to and that really helped!

salt painting 3















After the gluing was done, I took my salt and shook it all over the wet glue like this:

salt painting 4















Then you just dump off the excess salt and get ready to add some paint!

salt painting 5


Now for the really fun part! Wait just a few minutes for the glue and salt to dry a bit, then take your paintbrush, get it plenty wet and choose your color! It’s almost like magic how as soon as that paint brush touches the salt, the color just transfers from the brush to the salt.

salt painting 6















It’s really fun to create this and the end result is super adorable, don’t you think?

salt painting 7


Thanks for letting me visit here today! We are big fans of Skip to My Lou and it’s been a ton of fun! We’ve got some other fun craft ideas over on HowDoesShe you might just like so be sure to check these out:

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