Mini dinosaurs elevate these free printable dinosaur Valentines cards to the next level. Attach them with string or hot glue as a non-food prize for classmates who are loving dinosaurs.

Four cards with Valentine messages saying, "You are Dino mite! Happy Valentine's Day" by Skip to my Lou.
Print these adorable dinosaur Valentine’s Day cards this year!

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These fast and easy dinosaur Valentine cards work for preschoolers and kids of all ages. The instructions are below and super simple to follow.

Free Printable Dinosaur Valentines

Here is what you need to make the quickest and easiest kid-approved Valentines. This super cool project only requires a few craft supplies.

Red and white package of 12 dinosaur shaped erasers in yellow, red, light blue and dark blue. Three cards with dinosaur Valentine messages, by Skip to my Lou.
Dinosaur erasers make these Valentines so fun!

How to Make Dino-Mite Valentines

Download the printable and print in color on cardstock.

Four blue cards with brown mountains and green plants with dinosaur Valentine sayings, by Skip to my Lou.
Print 4 Valentines per page

Attach dinosaurs by tying the dinosaur eraser on with a little twine. I used a crochet hook to poke through the cardstock and feed through. A bobby pin or yarn need could also be used.

Brown card with a dinosaur Valentine saying, red and white string laced through the back of the card by Skip to my Lou.
Lace a cute string through the back of the card
Brown card with dinosaur Valentine saying, yellow dinosaur tied to the card with red and white string, by Skip to my Lou.
Then tie the dinosaur to the front of the card

Or for a really secure way to attach the erasers use a glue gun. This is probably the most secure way to withstand a trip to school in a backpack! The glue easily peels from the back of the dinosaur eraser when the eraser is ready to be used.

Gray glue gun with glue stick loaded. Brown card with dinosaur Valentine in the background. Yellow dinosaur hot glued on the card by Skip to my Lou.
Yellow dinosaur eraser laying on its side, hot glued on dinosaur Valentine card, by Skip to my Lou.
Use hot glue to attach the dino eraser

Easy! These cute DIY valentines are a fun candy-free option that gifts a cool eraser and are the perfect way to let friends know they are dino-mite (dinosaur pun intended)! They are also great for the classroom that has gone candy free.

Brown card with dinosaur Valentine saying and red dinosaur eraser by Skip to my Lou.
Looking for a candy-free option at Valentine’s?

Before You Go More Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

I hope you have as much fun with these dinosaur valentine’s day cards as I did! Thank you for stopping by and please leave me a comment letting me know how you liked them!

There are so many more fun DIY Valentine’s card crafts to share, so I’ve left the links below, just for you.

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