Looking for a good summer craft? How about sprucing up a pair of sneakers? These cool sneaker DIY projects can take a pair of dull sneakers to wow in just an afternoon. These are also a good project for a birthday party, craft camp, or group of friends. You will have a lot of fun getting creative! If you have a thing for tie-dye, you can learn how to spiral tie dye here.  The Duct tape wallet is a fun summer craft too!

Cool Sneaker DIY Projects

These shoes scream fun!  Have some fun making these spiral tie dye here. They turn out so cute and festive. It might be fun to make these with a pastel color shoe as the base too?

Spiral tie dye here

These DIY Pineapple Canvas Shoes are so cute and perfect for summer! Pineapples are so popular this summer.

With the sun out and summer on the horizon, you just have to make some spiral tie dye here! They are so cheerful and happy. Wouldn’t it be fun to make these in Navy and white too?

Cool Sneakers

These spiral tie dye here are so bright and fun. You can make them in any of your favorite color combinations. I can see a mint and peach theme calling my name?

These spiral tie dye here are so bright and fun, the tutorial looks pretty simple too!  Summer just feels like watermelon!

These flowers really pop on this spiral tie dye here. She actually painted those flowers on too. Her tutorial will show you just how to do it too.

Here is one more, thought not a sneaker but I bet you never imagine you could make flowers out of duct tape. Don’t they make cute flip flops?


Did you know you could paint flip flops?

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