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Hello Skip to My Lou readers! This is Amber from over at Crazy Little Projects. I’m pretty excited to be part of the Summer Craft Camp. I have a weekly Crazy Little *Kids* Projects post on my blog (crafts FOR kids BY kids) and this summer I am doing a Learn to Sew Series for Kids and Teens, so this summer camp is right up my alley.

And I’m calling this post Fun with Flip Flops because I have to say, I had some serious fun making these flip flops. It’s quick, it’s easy, and if you are lucky like me, you can end up covered in glitter by the end.

Fun with Flip Flops: Kids Craft

Fun with Flip Flops:

Flip Flops {I got mine at Michael’s and they cost only $1.19 a pair}

Paint-gather a bunch of paint of all varieties: puff paint, glow in the dark paint, acrylic paint, etc.

Glue or mod podge



Anything else you can think of!


I did 4 pairs of flip flops to give you some ideas but the sky’s the limit. Grab a bunch of supplies and let the kids (or teens) go crazy!

Glitter Flip Flops:

Glitter Flip Flops

Who doesn’t like to sparkle a little? I love these glittery flip flops. The glitter will probably fall off, but they’re fun for a while!

They also have chevron fabric decoupaged on.

To do this, simply trace the shape of the flip flop onto your fabric and cut it out:


Cut a little slit in the fabric that lines up with your toe strap:


Then paint the back of the fabric with decoupage:


Then I also painted the flip flop with decoupage. You won’t need a ton:


Then just put your fabric on and press down and smooth it out. I just let the fabric go right over top of the side straps. I had a little hanging over which I just snipped off: Trim

Then, add glue to the side and pour on the glitter!


Striped Flip Flops:

Striped Flip Flops

I thought some fun stripes would be pretty great. To do these I just used painter’s tape to create my stripes:


And then painted with acrylic paint:Stripes

And peeled off the tape. I have to tell you that the paint did leak a little through the paint. You can use a q-tip and nail polish remover to clean up the leaks a little if you want.


Glow in the Dark Flip Flops:

Glow in the Dark Flip Flops

These ones are easy. Just grab a tube of DecoArt’s Glow in the Dark Paint (I used the dimensional writer-like puffy paint) and draw whatever you want.


Patriotic Flip Flops:

Patriotic Flip Flops

Another easy one! I just used the puffy paint again and drew stripes and stars and then let it dry.

Go crazy! Or let the kids go crazy!

And join me as I go crazy doing projects every day over on Crazy Little Projects. Or join me on Pinterest, Facebook or by email.

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  1. I’m also wondering if paint will come off when the flip flops are worn. We want to stencil initials onto them for a wedding and don’t want the guests going home with paint on their feet! Is there a fixative that could eliminate this possibility?

  2. Love the ideas. A friend of mine made a summer wreath with flip flops and this gives me a few more ideas for decorating them. Thanks for sharing!

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