Christmas Bingo is a must for any holiday party, whether the classroom, family gatherings or Friends-mas! My free printable Christmas Bingo Game brings all the traditional bingo feels that Bingo lovers want.

4 Red and green Christmas Bingo cards with Christmas pictures in the squares instead of numbers by Skip to my Lou.
Print these fun cards, buy some candy and have a blast playing Christmas Bingo!

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Make your Christmas Party one to remember when you download my free bingo cards and turn your party space into a Christmas Bingo Parlor! (Use Hershey kisses, peppermints, or Skittles for Bingo markers for extra Christmas fun.)

This game is perfect for young children who may not recognize their numerals. It can be played in classrooms by kids of all ages. And I know a bunch of grown-ups who will have a blast playing this, too!

Round Up These Before Bingo Begins

  • White Cardstock
  • Color Printer
  • Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards and Bingo Markers Templates
  • Scissors
  • Small candies to be used as markers, in case you decide to use candy instead of the Bingo Markers included in this post.
  • Plastic baggies or plastic containers to store your game after you’ve assembled it.
  • Pro Tip: If you have your own laminator or access to one, you may want to laminate everything before playing!

Free Christmas Bingo Printable Cards

Download the PDFs and print them in color on white cardstock. As mentioned above, you may want to get everything laminated before playing so you’ll have this game for years to come.

4 red and green Christmas Bingo cards with Christmas pictures instead of numbers by Skip to my Lou.
Christmas Bingo PDF
Calling Cards
140 red starbursts arranged in 14 rows of 10 by Skip to my Lou.
Bingo Markers to print and cut in case you don’t want to play with candy

HOw to Play Christmas Bingo

  • Decide who your Bingo Callers will be and give them the Picture Cards and a bowl or sack that they can reach in a draw out one at a time.
  • Give all players, including the Callers, a Game Card, and Markers. (Callers will mark their card too, so when someone yells BINGO!, the callers can check!)
  • This version of Bingo is played just like the Traditional Bingo game. The caller draws a card, shows the participants, and tells them what it is. Then players look at their cards to see if they have the picture. If they do, they place a marker over that picture. The first one to get 5 in a row in any direction, shouts BINGO! If the caller verifies their card is correct, they are the winner! Players clear their cards and the game starts again!
  • Decide what you want the winners to get! Will they be the next caller? Will they get a prize? You get to decide!

Variations on a Theme

  • Traditional Bingo is played with 5 in a row in any direction.
  • Blackout Bingo is played like this: the caller keeps calling until the first player covers every square on their card.
  • Caller’s Choice is when the caller chooses the square or group of squares the players must cover before they can yell BINGO! For instance, the dealer may decide that whoever covers their middle square first wins.
  • What other variations do you know? Please share in the comments!

Before you GO

Thank you for stopping in today and I can’t wait for you to download my free Christmas Bingo printables and let me know how much fun you had playing. If you like Bingo, I have more printable games for you to check out below!

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