Need a fun activity for kids of all ages that encourages creativity and is relaxing at the same time? Try my cute animal coloring pages because who does not need 12 fun ways to improve fine motor skills with pages of animals to color!

Black and white drawing of a Teddy bear sitting upright with its arms crossed in front by Skip to my Lou.
What color will your Teddy Bear be?

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These 12 printable animal coloring pages can be a lifesaver in classroom for children of all ages! Younger kids will love the simple designs because they can practice color recognition and learning the name of the animals in the illustrations.

Older children and big kids will enjoy different kinds of animals featured here. So, there are farm animals and zoo animals and even a stuffed Teddy Bear. Certainly, is something for everyone.

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These are my Top Picks for Coloring Supplies

How are your coloring supplies holding up? I just did a quick inventory and made notes on my favorites to share with you.

Let’s Go to the Zoo!

Black and white cartoon drawing of a lion by Skip to my Lou.
Relax and color this darling lion today
Black and white drawing of a parrot flying to the left with its beak open by Skip to my Lou.
Jungle animals like this parrot are so colorful
Black and white drawing of a giraffe facing the left by Skip to my Lou.
Giraffes have unique spots and patterns, no two are alike
Black and white drawing of an elephant looking forward and walking forward by Skip to my Lou.
Elephants are popular zoo animals. Have you even seen one?
Black and white drawing of a monkey hanging by one hand, closing its eyes and holding a banana in its other hand by Skip to my Lou.
This baby monkey is cute enough to hug!
Black and white realistic drawing of a frog facing right by Skip to my Lou.
Will you color this a frog like a jungle amphibian or a forest amphibian?
Black and white drawing of a coiled snake with its tongue out facing left by Skip to my Lou.
What type of snake will this be? You get to choose!
Black and white drawing of a cartoon fox sitting down with its tail up and eyes closed by Skip to my Lou.
What a cute, fluffy fox!

Let’s Color Some Farm Animals

And the cow goes, “Moo, moo, moo!”
Black and white cartoon drawing of a smiling pig standing on all four feet with a curly tail by Skip to my Lou.
And the pig goes, “Oink, oink, oink!”
Black and white cartoon drawing of a mouse with its eyes closed, sitting on its back legs, licking a piece of cheese held in its paws by Skip to my Lou.
And the barn mouse found the cheese!
Last, but not least is the Teddy Bear!

Download, Print and Color

Just click the images of the animal coloring sheets you want to print, or download all of the animal coloring pages at once. Remember how relaxing it is to color cute baby animals? If your holidays have been busy, this might be just the anti-stress activity your body and mind need right now!

Before You Go

Thank you for stopping by to get creative with me today! I hope these animal coloring pages inspired you and your coloring partners to breathe, relax and take a moment for yourself! So, with those things in mind, I’d love for you to check these out, too!

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