Welcome to our free turtle coloring pages! If you or your kids are animal lovers, then you’ll find these free printable turtle coloring pages are a great way to spend some quality time together. In this post, we’ll talk about how these pages can help with fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition. We’ll also talk about the different shades and bright colors you can use to make your turtle coloring sheets pop!

Skip to my Lou - Turtle Coloring Pages - A happy turtle swimming underwater
Try this sea turtle coloring page!

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Art Supplies for Turtle Coloring Pages

Before you start your turtle coloring sheet, collect these supplies:

Free Turtle Coloring Pages

Turtle coloring pages are a fun way to introduce kids of all ages to the fascinating world of turtles. Younger kids can benefit from coloring and identifying different types of sea turtles, while older kids can learn about the biology and habitats of these creatures. Coloring also helps with fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition, making it an excellent activity for kids to do on their own or with others. 

These free turtle coloring pages are great for personal use, whether you’re a teacher or artist. Teachers can use them as part of their lesson plans or as a fun activity for students. Artists can use them to create unique designs.

Detailed Turtle Coloring Page

Turtle Coloring Page 1 - A happy detailed turtle, swimming underwater with bubbles
Say hello to this happy turtle!

Big Turtle Coloring Page

Turtle Coloring Page 2 - A turtle with a very large, circular shell
This turtle has a big spherical shell

Turtle with Long Legs Coloring Page

Turtle Coloring Page 3 - A large turtle with long legs
Look at the geometric shapes on this turtle’s shell

Cute Turtle Coloring Page

Turtle Coloring Page 4 - A cute baby turtle standing up
Try this adorable coloring page

Turtle Face Coloring Page

Turtle Coloring Page 5 - A cute turtle's face
Such a cute turtle face

Turtle with Patterned Shell Coloring Page

Turtle Coloring Page 6 - A large turtle with an interesting pattern on its back
The intricate designs on the turtle’s shell

Turtle on Back Coloring Page

Turtle Coloring Page 7 - A baby turtle stuck on it's back with its legs in the air
This cute turtle is stuck on its back!

Underwater Turtle Coloring Page

Turtle Coloring Page 8 - A large turtle swimming underwater with seaweed in the background
This is one beautiful turtle

Big Turtle Coloring Page

Turtle Coloring Page 9 - A turtle on land, with a geometric shell and clouds in the background
A land turtle

Baby Turtle Coloring Page

Turtle Coloring Page 10 - A cute little baby turtle, with bubbles in the background
A cute turtle with bubbles, great for young children

Happy Turtle Coloring Page

Turtle Coloring Page 11 - A happy turtle from the front, swimming underwater.
A turtle swimming close to the ocean floor

Swimming Turtle Coloring Page

Turtle Coloring Page 12- A large turtle swimming along the ocean floor
A large turtle swimming amongst the coral reefs

Download, Print, and Color

Get your hands on our adorable free printable coloring pages by downloading the PDF file for each cute page. Click on the link next to each one to access the printable sheet, and enjoy coloring to your heart’s content! For the ultimate coloring experience, don’t forget to download the entire turtle coloring book.

More Fun Coloring Pages Activities

You’ll be happy to know we have a variety of additional printable coloring pages available for you if you’re searching for more. Simply follow the links here to expand your coloring sheet collection!

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