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Homemade Scratch Art Paper

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Scratch Art paper or Scratch Paper is a totally cool paper you can make yourself right at home. No need to buy the scratch paper from the store you can make it!  Your kids will be amazed at how cool you are!

homemade scratch paper

How to make Scratch Paper

First color with crayons really hard all over white heavy weight copy paper or card stock. The colored design should be waxy looking with NO white paper showing. This takes some time but the results are worth the effort!

scratch paper tutorial

Draw a square on the center of the paper, not too big, and then cut it out when they are finished. This makes it easier for little hands to hold and color without destroying the edges. Younger children will also do better with a thicker paper.

homemade scratch art paperAfter paper is colored take black tempera paint and mix in a drop of dish detergent. I would say maybe two tablespoons of paint with a good sized drop (like 1/4 to a scant 1/2 tsp) of regular dish detergent. We used a washable kids paint by Plaid.

DIY scratch paper

Paint your entire page with the paint. Allow to dry.

DIY scratch art paper

When the paper is completely dry (takes about an hour), start scratching away. We used toothpicks. Here are some of our masterpieces.

homemade scratch paper tutorial

There are so many ways to turn off the tablet and TV and turn on creativity. You might enjoy some of these fun things to do with kids!

Craft Ideas For Kids

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