How to Tie Dye with Water Guns

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    We have been having a blast with water gun tie dye! We couldn’t believe how easy and FUN it was to make these beautiful t-shirts.  It was a great project for a group of kids.  Typically tie dye for a large group makes me crazy because of all the rubber bands you must securely fasten. This is a no rubber band method. Yay!

    water gun tie dye

    Water Gun Tie Dye Supplies

    Whether you’re looking for fun décor, activities for your kids or cute party supplies, Michaels has everything you need to MAKE summer fun!

    • water guns
    • tie dye kit
    • white t-shirts
    tie dye supplies

    Lets talk water guns.  We tried them all!

    Large Water Gun

    • was great for distance.
    • The entire amount of dye fit into the gun
    • purchased at Michaels
    • easy to fill with the dye kit squeeze bottles

    Small Water Guns

    • We liked color coding the dye by putting the blue dye in the blue gun etc.
    • The smaller guns worked great and allowed for more squirters
    • easy to fill with the dye kit squeeze bottles
    • these didn’t hold entire bottle of dye and had to be refilled (this actually was a good thing and slowed down the process
    • We found the small guns at the dollar store

    The long shooter

    • while used a bunch more dye, it gave great coverage (choose lightest color for this one)
    • we had to put dye into a bowl and suck it up into the gun, there was some dye leftover to refill

    Water Gun with removable barrel

    • fit entire bottle of dye
    • squirt well
    • easy to fill
    • found at dollar store
    water guns

    How to tie dye the easy way!

    Hang white t-shirts on a rope tied between two trees (or whatever you have). We first had wax paper placed in the middle of the t-shirts to prevent bleeding to the back. The wax paper didn’t stay and the girls loved the way it colored the back!

    how to tie dye shirts

    The tie dye kit is slick! Just fill bottles with water. Next fill up the  water guns with the dye and start spraying! Be sure to wear gloves!

    how to tie dye the easy way squirt gun tie dye

    We loved how each shirt was so colorful and different.

    kids activities tie dye

    It was super easy for the girls to be creative and make beautiful shirts!

    tie dye shirts

    More ways to Tie Dye!

    Make a vibrant beautiful shirt with rubber bands. We love the spiral tie dye technique!

    How about turning a tie dye shirt into the coolest tshirt bag!

    Did you know you can even dye with Kool-Aid? Check out squirt gun tie dye with Kool Aid

    We love Sharpie Marker Tie Dye!

    Looking for more inspiration? Make sure you visit Michaels’ blog, The Glue String, to see the rest of the Michaels Makers’ summer fun project ideas.

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    1. Thursday, June 1st, 2017
      Oh my goodness. My boys would LOVE this! What a fun idea!
    2. jillian
      Thursday, June 1st, 2017
      So fun!!! I can't wait to try this!
    3. V L Hoppoer
      Thursday, June 1st, 2017
      My favorite is second from the right.