I am ready to post some new Valentine’s Day Ideas in the next few weeks, but first here are some ideas from the past.

Valentine Decorations

Stain Glass Hearts

Conversation Heart Garland

Hanging Hearts

Valentine Doormat

Free Printable Valentines

Lollipop Lily Valentine

Whirly Gig Valentine

Pillow Box Alligator

Valentine’s Day Cards

Pop-up Valentine Card

Valentine Party Favor Containers

Recycled Valentine “Drum” Containers

Sour Cream Look-a-like Containers

Fancy Folded Envelope

Valentine Crafts

Painted Valentine Soap

Valentine Treats

Pencil Pop Heart Lollipops

Heart Sugar Cookies

Miniature Heart Cheesecakes

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Zippered Pouch and Travel Tissue Cover

Valentine’s Day Activity

Heart Attack

Valentine’s Day Party Inspiration

Kid’s Cookie Decorating Party

Missy’s Queen of Hearts Party

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  1. Perfect way to get ready for Valentine’s Day. I just found your website and am liking what I see!

  2. wow chick. now… i need to ughmmm like think about finding a ughmm minute and do these huh i guess.sigh

  3. Checking you out thru SITS. These are great ideas. My daughter would love if I did the aligator for all her friends.

  4. You are an inspiration! Thanks!
    We need some “love” fun things around here!

  5. Thanks for so many great ideas. I’m adding the mini cheesecakes and the alligator valentines to must do list!

  6. So cute! We do something similar to the lollipop lillies. I use several layers of color tissue paper for the flowers and add a leaf or two underneath. Kind of small paper pom poms with a candy cneter. For teacher gifts, just tie a few together for a bouquet!

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