I learned how to make this cute envelope pocket from Jessica Samuels, a Stampin’ Up consultant. Take one legal size plain or decorated envelope and measure over 2 3/8 inches from the edge of the envelope on each side. see red line


Cut this triangular area away from the flap of the envelope.


If you did not start with a decorated envelope, stamp or decorate over the entire envelope, front and back. I left lining area plain.



Fold both sides of the envelope to the center. I think it is easier for children if you place a piece of cardboard in the middle to have a guide for folding. My cardboard measured 4 3/8 ” X 4 1/8″.

Remove cardboard and place 1/2 of a hole punch about 1 ” down (depending on the length of your flap. It should be about at the center of the side of the flap when flap is folded down YIKES that is hard to explain) from the flap fold on each side.


Run ribbon through the holes on the front inside out to the back of the envelope. I used about 24″ of ribbon.


Place candy or a card in your refashioned envelope.


Fold in the sides, then fold down the flap and tie your ribbon.


It’s not long until Valentine’s Day! You might be interested in these other Valentine’s Day Ideas.

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  1. Love this! Unfortunately I saw it too late for this year, but I can be used it for other holidays also! Thank you!

  2. This is wonderful! I printed this out to do with my 7yr. old daughter. She loves to make handmade Valentines for her class every year.

  3. love love your site i do day care in my home and we love your crafts thans for shareing!

  4. This is an awesome idea!! I was hoping to find something “crafty” to do w/my 8 yo w/out having to spend $$ on treat bags and stuff like that. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi I love your projects here but I was hoping you could make them printer friendly?

    Thanks for your reply.

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