I went to the most fabulous party on Saturday.  My friend Missy created the most magical atmosphere.  The invitation set the mood———–it was beautiful!


Every detail was totally and beautifully carried out.  The kids were greeted with this amazing table. Hearts hung from the ceiling dancing over their heads.  Plates were sat on handmade heart place-mats.




Each child received this handmade (by her) cone filled with treats and trinkets.



The children played fun games like eating sugar cookies off of a string and a conversation heart relay.  They shot darts at hand-painted heart targets while the moms crafted homemade valentines.

The moms sat down to this dramtic and stunning table.


We each recieved a hanging heart box (made by her) filled with a giant chocolate bar re-wrapped in a Love wrapper.


We dined on delectable goodies like creamy potato soup, chicken salad served over fresh greens and fluffy heart shaped blueberry muffins.  Trays of the yummiest sugar cookies could be found everywhere.


We finished  with a delicious double layer pot de creme served with whipped cream and a strawberry sliced to look like a heart.


It is truly a dreamy party every year.  Love is in the details and I  leave this party feeling loved!

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  1. Hi,
    I love the Valentine Cone favor. Can you give instructions on how to create this awesome work of art? I think these are so cute!

  2. I discovered your website a few weeks before Christmas when I was looking for some creative ideas for setting the table for our Christmas Eve dinner with another family. I surrounded the candle in my hurricane with peppermint discs (took the idea straight from your website!), and did a variation of your candy cane place card holders. Our party was for two families with ages ranging from 12 to 74, but some of the ideas from your Breakfast with Santa decorations still worked because they are classic & beautiful for any age. We do a Valentine Tea party each year too—–it was a Mother Daughter affair when my girls were younger, but now that they are teens they like to have it be just the girls. But even as teenagers, they all love pulling out the chine and crystal and hostessing a dressy, special occasion. I just LOVE your website!! I love entertaining and crafts and sewing and creativity, but it seems that you make more time for it and do it better than me! Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your ideas with us.

  3. This looks like the nicest Valentine’s day party ever, wish I had a friend who’d throw one like this!

  4. I am having a month long blog celebration all about love I may have to highlight this post, how awesome!!!!!

  5. You are an extremely talented person!! i spent more then 2hrs going through the wonders you have created!! I am inspired, Seeing all that you have done makes me feel i have wasted my creativity in a slogging job, you are an inspiration to take time out for myself and create small things to give me inner joy…. Thank you!!

  6. I really like that. I was wondering if I could get the instruction for those angel napkins?? I would like to make those for our Red Hatters Vanlentine Luncheon

  7. Missy should move to Arkansas where I promise to attend all of her parties. Wow. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Let her know that I think she rocks.

  8. Wow what a fabulous party – all the amazing details! She really went all out – think of the labor of love that was to put all that together! Lucky you!!

  9. I want to be Missy’s friend too! This looks like the best party ever! She is amazing! I love the invites and the beautiful heart boxes — well, actually everything about it! Fabulous!

  10. You have done such a wonderful job capturing the essence of the party. Melissa just loved it.

    Thanks so much

  11. oh, my goodness! what prettiness! that sounds like a great valentine’s party – for the kids and adults!

    (and are there any cookies left over?)

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