These Story Stones are unique way to spark creativity during the summer or to take on a road trip.   This is just one of the many Kids Crafts and Activities we are sharing this summer here on Skip to my Lou . Just check out this boredom buster idea list for even more inspiration.  Welcome Toni…

Hello, it’s Toni from Design Dazzle here today. Thank you to Skip To My Lou for letting me be a part of their fun summer series! I enjoy sharing lots of fun kids ideas, DIY, parties, crafts and more. Please come over for a visit! One of my recent summer posts, I shared a beach tablescape theme

Beach Tablescape by Toni from Design Dazzle

So on to needing something easy and fun to do with your kiddos?? How about something to keep the kids busy on long car rides? How about keeping them busy when they shout out the famous one, “I’m bored!!” What about fun prompts for campfire tales? Here we have a super cute project the kids will absolutely enjoy creating and playing with.

Story Stones - Design Dazzle

The purpose of these story stones is to create an easy prompt for make-believe tales. Kids can pick from random which stone to start off on, or simply pick their favorite. They can even combine story stones for cooky, crazy story.

Story Stones - Design Dazzle

Such a cute duck!

Story Stones - Design Dazzle

How about a cupcake, car and a whale adding tons of interest to a story?


Here are the materials needed:

  • Assorted Acrylic Craft Paints (colors of your choice)
  • Medium-sized stones (stones that are large enough to paint pictures on, but not too large that it’s a hassle to carry them around).
  • Paint Brushes
  • Bag or basket for storage

Story Stones - Design Dazzle-1-2

You can purchase stones at a home improvement store. Or better yet hopefully you can find some in your yard or close to home.

Story Stones - Design Dazzle-2-2

Gather some paints, paint pens, etc. Let your kids go to town. Kids can paint their stones wherever their imagination takes them, whether they pick their favorite animal, food, toy, place… anything that they think will create a great story!

Story Stones - Design Dazzle

And let’s not forget about a cheeseburger adding some “cheesiness” to a story ; )

Once the paint is dried, and a couple of story stones have been made, these story stones can be taken on all kind of adventures–even adventures around the home.

I love that these stones are very easy to take traveling – perfect for a long family car ride. What I love even more is that these story stones get those creative juices flowing–when the kids are painting and when they brew up their stories.

Another way to use these story stones is to create writing prompts. Have your child choose a stone out of a bag and then incorporate that story stone picture into a written sentence.

Enjoy your new adventures your kids take you on!

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Thank you for having me over today!!

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