10 Clever Smores Recipes

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    Summer is the best time to make smores. The perfect graham marshmallow recipe is sure to be listed below. You don’t have to go traditional, but the graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow treat is always a crowd pleaser. There are so many ways to make and serve s’mores! Try them in your oven, or over the camp fire. We like to keep marshmallows, crackers, chocolate, and even chocolate crackers on hand for last minute summer treats. Here are some great smores recipes!

    Smore recipes you can make inside

    Smore’s Dip

    I love this dip because you can make it in the oven. Who doesn’t love a dip. Serve it at a party or make it just for fun. I swear I eat this s’mores dip more year round than traditional s’mores during the summer months. It has all my favorite things: chocolate, marshmallows, and cast iron skillets. Try it you will love it.

    Oreo Smores

    S’Mores on top of brownies, on top of oreos on top of brownies…these S’Mores Oreo Stuffed Brownies are the best of summer desserts all rolled into one deliciously ooey gooey treat! Best of all you can make them in a 9×13 pan in your oven! I bet you have always wanted to know how to make smores in the oven.

    S’mores in a jar

    These are a great twist on a classic summer dessert. They are super delicious and waaaay less sticky!

    Campfire S’more Recipes

    Peanut Butter Apple Smores

    She upped the s’mores ante by using apple slices instead of graham crackers, spreading them with peanut butter, and sprinkling on some chocolate chips. Her kids went nuts for these s’mores and so will you.

    Reeses S’mores

    Instead of using the regular ol’ hershey bars try your favorite chocolate candy! These Reeses Smores have all the ingredients to make the perfect treat!  So simply too!  I keep Reeses in the freezer.

    Rolo Stuffed Smores

    Rolo’s are another favorite of mine.  Just roast your marshmallow for a bit, stick the chocolate in, and roast a bit more.

    Chocolate Donut Smores

    But here is one more recipe for the world’s most delicious s’mores: Chocolate Donut S’mores. What could be better than a chocolate donut, marshmallow smore. It is kind of amazing! Just wait and try it.

    Fudge Striped Cookie S’mores

    2 ingredients and is so simple, if you only like smores when the chocolate is completely melted then this recipe is for you!  So often we make amores and everything is perfect but the cold hunk of chocolate. These cookies give you all the flavor and in the perfect amount! So easy you must try it.

    Ritz Crackers, Peanut Butter Cup and Nutella 

    This recipe makes the perfect sweet and salty combo! If you haven’t experimented with cookie spreads on your smore’s you are missing out. Try nutella, cookie butter and more.

    This last one is almost not a smore, but it looked so delicious I could not leave it off!

    Campfire strawberries – dip strawberries in marshmallow fluff and roast them over a campfire. Must try! They may make you want to ditch s’mores altogether.

    Have you heard of the new girl scout cookie smores? Next time they are for sale I have to try them!

    Can’t get enough s’mores? You can also make s’mores on a stick! This smores pizookie is sure to hit the spot.  For even more ideas check out these s’mores dessert recipes.

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