Rubber band crafts are a great way to keep kids entertained, and this rubber band Chinese jump rope pattern is sure to provide hours of fun! Do you have a rubber band craft enthusiast in your house? My daughter is always making stuff with her rainbow loom.

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Rubber Band Chinese Jump Rope

Chinese Jump Rope

Today, I wanted to share a super easy idea for a rubber band craft… a Chinese Jump Rope!  As a mother of 6, I’m always racking my brain for any little thing that can entertain the kids – sleeping bags down the stairs, cardboard box houses, blanket tents, anything!

One of my favorite entertainers has been the Rainbow Loom. Do your kids love making rubber band creations too?

They make loom bracelets, cats cradles, pretty little designs and patterns, just all kinds of things with the elastic loom bands. I cannot tell you how many rubber bands you will find on my floors at any given moment. Maybe 7,000.

So, in an effort to keep the kiddos busy and eliminate a good 500 bands, I suggested they make a huge chain.  The huge chain soon turned into a super long wrap necklace, which soon turned into – a Chinese Jump Rope!

What is Chinese Jump Rope?

Chinese jump rope is a skipping game resembling hopscotch and jump rope, combined with cat’s cradle. It’s called different things in different countries – French skipping, elastics, yoki,chinese ropes jumpsies – but basically it involves jumping over rubber bands tied together to form stretchy ropes.

The game is typically played with at least three players. Two people stand across from each other on opposite sides of the ropes, just like in regular skipping rope games. But in Chinese jump rope, the ropes are looped around the ankles of the two players!

The third player stands in the middle and makes a jump pattern like in hopscotch. The jumper moves to avoid the rope, which can be moved up higher on the other two players’ legs and even their waists as the game progresses.

How to play Chinese jump rope

So you’ve created your rubber band jump rope. Now, how do you play Chinese jump rope?

My kids had no idea how to Chinese Jump Rope, and honestly, I had forgotten. Thank heavens for YouTube. In no time, we were bouncing around the driveway, trying to get the pattern down. It’s really a lot easier to learn by watching the game in action than it is reading about it.

Rubber Band Chinese Jump Rope Let’s see… how does this work?? Chinese Jump Rope 3

There are several different methods for doing Chinese Jump Rope, but my favorite video tutorial on YouTube can be watched here.

Chinese Jump Rope 1

This is one of those things that requires practically nothing, but a rope and kids, and it’s a total crowd pleaser!

Chinese Jump Rope 4

Chinese jump rope patterns

You can make up your own jump patterns and chants, or try the classics! Start simple – think hopscotch types of jump patterns. Wikipedia has some good guides for moves, patterns, and chants as well.

This Chinese jump rope was made by following the beginner’s basic band tutorial, included in the Rainbow Loom kit.  You can also watch tutorials online.

My girls are constantly looking up chinese jump rope videos and YouTube videos on different methods for making rubber band bracelets.  I can’t believe all the creativity out there – so many options!



Chinese Jump Rope 2

Thank you to Mariel from ‘Or so she says…’, for this great tutorial.

Rubber Band Crafts and more

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  1. The rubber band link is called “chinese garter” but the game is called “ten-twenty”. A traditional game originated from the Philippines.

  2. Gish, I had completely forgotten about the Chinese jump rope but I did that when I was a kid. Funny how the memories flood with a prompt. I also really appreciated the popcorn Olympics. I have just the use for those. Thank you!!!

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