How to raise science loving adventurous kids

    Posted by  ·  April 25, 2016

    I want my daughter to love the outdoors! I want her to view her world as a place to be explored and enjoyed.  I hope she will always be inquisitive and open for new adventures.

    How to raise science loving adventurous kids

    To make this happen I realize I have to model this behavior for her.  Recently on behalf of Animal Jam I was able to do just that.  I was able to show my daughter that the adventure starts with me!

    riding icelandic horses

    Our amazing guides from Animal Jam proved that this is true! Their adventurous  joy filled spirit was contagious!

    Animal Jam Girls

    Alex, Natalie and Talia modeled over and over a love for animals and their world.

    Animal Jam Natalie

    They did for us what we can do for our children! If we want to have science loving adventurous kids we can

    • Embrace new experiences
    • Be open to trying new things (even when it is eating puffin)
    • Seek information, notice and inspect our world
    • Discover the unexpected
    • Find joy in our moments
    • Be in awe of the beauty that surrounds us

    Their example showed me to love the experience and not even worry if a horse wanted a  little nibble!

    Rachael Cindy Iceland

    Animal Jam encourages science loving adventurous kids

    Animal Jam is the world’s largest online social network for kids. They are committed to teaching our kids about their world and encouraging them to be explorers. They have amazing online resources with loads of fun information and games for kids.  Their passion is to inspire kids to learn about the natural world around them through interactive gameplay and offline activities that encourage curiosity about the sciences.

    science loving adventurous kids

    Animal Jam has an in-game Journey Book where kids find and collect cool facts about animals and environments in Jamaa (the world where everything in Animal Jam takes place). Help find fun critters in Kimbara Outback or in the Coral Reef!

    animal jam

    Kids can visit Brady Barr’s Lab or Tierney Thys’ Aquarium where you can watch videos of these scientists out in the field and even submit your own questions for them to answer in future videos. Do you know what a baby whale is called?

    Animal Jam

    Want even more fun? Subscribe to Animal Jam’s YouTube channel to catch up on their Wild Explorers series featuring fun crafts, science experiments, and animal facts.

    You can even extend the fun offline with Animal Jam Academy – a free resource center full of science based crafts and experiments. Set screen-time privileges as a reward for completing fun science activities!

    animal jam science experiment

    With so many wonderful resources we can raise kids who love adventure and science! Be sure to check out these resources for your kids.  My daughter is hooked on the game!

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