If you are heading out on a cruise soon here are a few must-have items you don’t want to leave behind.  Don’t get caught spending more money than needed or wishing you had known to bring these items along. If you are cruising soon you might want to consider travel insurance, this will protect you against unexpected illness, weather, or injury. I don’t usually worry but some people swear by it. Also, book shore excursions before you leave. WI-FI is limited on board a ship and the best deals and prices will be gone.  You can book directly through your cruise line but I prefer to read reviews on reputable companies and book on my own. We have saved a lot of money this way. Sometimes just looking up what the cruise line offers at each port is a great starting point when I am looking at what to do.

Cruise Packing List

must pack items for cruises

Power Strip


Most cruise rooms have just one plug. That is it for the entire room, including the bathroom.  Bring a power strip to allow yourself to charge devices, use hair styling products, etc…


cruise packing list


Travel Alarm Clock

Many cruise cabins do not include an alarm clock, so you’ll need your own if you want to know what time it is (cell phones don’t update if you turn roaming off).  There’s nothing worse than waking up in an inside stateroom with no clock! Even in an outside cabin with the curtains closed you’ll have no idea what time it is.

must have cruise packing list


Bonine Motion Sickness Medicine

I have done a little research and talked to many people in cruise forums.  Bonine or its generic counterpart is the best way to avoid motion sickness.  Patches, etc leave you feeling dizzy.  Simply take one pill a day three days before and each day on your cruise, be sure to continue for a few days after you get home.  As you will feel left over motion when you get off the boat.  You can take up to two pills on rough days if needed.  My sister and Mother who have terrible sea sick issues have no issues at all if they take this medicine.

travel medicine


While the cruise will sell sunscreen, it may not be a brand you like, and it will likely cost a little more money!  Save yourself the trouble and pack plenty ahead.

cruise tips

Travel Size Medicine

While most cruise ships sell medicine, packing travel size bottles of Advil, Tylenol, etc is a great idea. I usually bring a blister pack of cold meds, allergy meds, and a pain reliever supply.

travel ideas

Storage Tips

Cruise rooms are very small.  Bring an over the door shoe organizer to help keep your stuff organized and off the counter.  Store luggage under the beds. Bring less clothing than you think you need, you mostly wear swimsuits and maxi dresses. Hook like suction cups are very handy to hang stuff up to dry in the shower.

cruise cabin

Packing Soda and Alcohol

You can purchase a drink card on almost any cruise.  This allows you to have all you can drink soft drinks (does not include alcohol) for a fee. If you just want to bring some of your favorite soda or even alcoholic beverages, most cruise lines do allow you to pack and bring along wine, beer, and soda. Check their website for specific limits. This can save you a little money, all cruise lines allow a certain amount per person.

cruise drinks

Extra Duffle Bag

If you tend to do a lot of shopping while vacationing consider bringing an extra duffle bag along.  Makes is easy to expand your luggage and you will avoid buying a cheap overpriced suitcase to get stuff home.

cruise luggage

Ear Plugs

Ear plugs can also be useful in overly loud discos and on overnight flights to and from your cruise port.
Sometimes traveling can have new noises that can be hard to sleep with not to mention snoring from someone in your cabin. A set of earplugs can be a lifesaver.


Books and Games

Sea days are a lot more fun with a few extra things to do. Pack along card games,  or books for easy entertainment. If you use an e-reader, be sure to download books before you leave port.

cruise games

Whip up this makeup bag or pleated pouch to organize small items in your bag. This step by step tutorial makes it easy.


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  1. What great tips! I’ve only been on one cruise and I went with a very knowledgeable friend! This is a great list for when I go on my own!

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