If you are looking for a useful gift for Dad that he will be able to enjoy all year long, look no further. Here are printable Father’s Day coupons just for him. This coupon book is loaded with coupons to treat him with everything from extra help around the house to more hugs!

Dad might also like his favorite beverage with funny bottle tags. And if your dad loves to grill, he may enjoy this personalized Father’s Day gift.

father's day coupons book

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When I was young I remember how much my dad appreciated it when I helped him out. Now my kids get to feel that sense of pride when they help their dad out. That’s how I know dads everywhere will love this Father’s Day coupon book gift idea!

These coupons will definitely put a smile on any dad’s face on their special day. Each coupon is a way for kids to share their love for the father figures in their life. There are even a few blank coupons for something special that only your Dad would enjoy!

Here’s what You’ll need for this DIY Coupon Book

  • Free printable Father’s Day Coupons
  • Paper
  • Black and white printer
  • Scissors (affiliate link)
  • Stapler (affiliate link)

What paper should I use?

This colorful coupon book goes together in a cinch and turns out beautifully thanks to ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers (affiliate link). Using color paper and printing with black ink makes this project more affordable than printing on white paper with color ink. There are so many bright vibrant colors to work with.  

ASTROBRIGHTS Paper can be found in both copy weight and also cardstock which is important for this project. You can also buy this paper by the sheet at a local copy shop. This paper is just one available option, you can use any brand or colors you like.


How to Make a Coupon Book for Dad

To make this darling coupon book for Dad

  • Download the free printable Father’s Day coupons. The coupons include:
    • Breakfast in Bed
    • One Big Hug
    • Help with Yard Work
    • Car Wash
    • Vacuum the House
    • Movie Night of Your Choosing
    • Help with Laundry
    • Chore of Your Choice
    • Night Off Let’s Do Something Fun
    • Free (fill in the blank)
    • Dinner Out
    • One Bathroom Cleaning
    • Mow the Lawn
    • As You Wish (fill in the blank)
  • Print the coupon pages on ASTROBRIGHTS paper. You can use a variety of colored papers if you like. Be sure to switch up the color palette to customize for your Dad. You can even select colors that mimic your Dad’s favorite sports team.
  • To make the book extra sturdy print the cover page cover on cardstock.

Tip: If you do not have a printer, you can have the free printable coupons printed at a local printing office. You can either email them the pdf files or you can save the files to a CD or flash drive and take them into them to print.

Printable Father’s Day Coupons

father's day coupon book cover and father's day coupons cut out ready to assemble

Fold the black end of the cover over and then fold the opposite edge bringing it to the black line on the black end.  If you look closely you will see the line within the black area.

coupon book cover folded into shape and father's day coupons all stacked together the top coupon says mow the lawn

Place all the coupons inside the cover and secure with a staple on the black line.

father's day coupons stapled in place in the folded coupon book cover; there is a black stapler sitting beside the coupon book

In just a few simple steps you have made Dad what I bet will be his most favorite gift this Father’s Day! Slip this coupon into a printable Father’s Day Card and you are ready to celebrate.

completed father's day coupon book closed and ready to gift; the cover says happy father's day coupons for the best dad!

Coupon books are great for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day because it is a simple way to show your parents how much you care. I hope these coupons for dad make him feel loved… I can guarantee he’ll appreciate all the help!

More Free Printable Father’s Day Craft ideas

You can download and print free printables for each of these gifts. They are also great activities for kids to help with!

Have a great Father’s Day! I hope your day is all about you and the love of your family.

I would love to keep you fully stocked with creative ideas, yummy recipes, fun crafts, and loads of free printables. Subscribe to Skip to my Lou to get new ideas delivered to your inbox. Follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram for all my latest updates.

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  1. So fun! Love the simplicity and the economy of this! Enough choices that both my kids can make one and not have them be identical! I think Dad is going to LOVE this!

  2. I made these last year and bookmarked the page for this year. Always a winner in my house.

  3. This is the cutest idea ever!! We already started making ours and they are adorable!!

  4. This is such a great idea. And what a great way to have the kids help Dad all the while taking pride in their gift. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Such a cute idea! I had a great time putting them together with my kids! Thanks so much!

  6. This is such a super cute idea! My daughter got so excited when I showed her this post and I know my husband is going to love it!

  7. Love these on the bright cardstock..they stand out! These are always the best!

  8. We have used these coupons for years. They are especially easy for church groups who need to make father days gifts.

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