Pom-pom ornaments are super fun craft activities for children to make at school or at home. Kids of all ages and parents will engage in this craft using their imagination, creativity and motor skills. Even better, the whole family can enjoy their DIY pom-pom ornaments throughout the holiday season. I remember making candy cane ornaments like these YEARS ago in Sunday school. I had a nice time reliving those memories with my daughter yesterday.

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Enjoy making this craft with kids during the holiday season!

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These pom-pom ornaments require very little time to make. Spark excitement in your kids with this activity, regardless of their age. Whether they are toddlers to elementary school are or even older, this fun craft can allow you to spend quality time with them. If you have more than one child, turn it into a family fun activity!

Decorate your home, kid’s bedroom or classroom with this fun and simple craft. Children love putting their work on display!

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Material list

  • 1 inch pom-poms
  • tacky glue
  • recycled cardboard (from soda and cereal boxes)
  • hole punch
  • piece of ribbon (for hanging and bow on wreath)
  • scissors

Directions for making Pom-pom ornaments

If you would like to use the shapes we used you may download them here. After the shapes are cut I would punch the hole for hanging and add the ribbon for hanging before adding the pom-poms. It will be more difficult later.

First , cut out the shapes. I usually cut out the shapes for my daughter and we applied lots of glue. Next, she carefully placed each  pom-pom on the cardboard.  When she finished, I sat a dinner plate on top for a few minutes to get the edges of the pom-poms glued to the cardboard.

She was so proud when she hung them on the Christmas tree last night!

How was your experience making these pom-pom ornaments with your kiddos? Comment and share with us!

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  1. Couldn’t you glue these on both sides and have an ornament that will look great from both sides?

  2. It is funny you did a craft with pom poms. I just glued all my pom poms to a wreath for the front door. I guess I beter get some new ones…your craft is too cute!

  3. These are so adorable! My son and I usually make candy cane reindeers for our tree every year but I this its time for a change this year!

  4. Give your little crafting partner a big hug! These are so cute and she did a wonderful job!! We would love a set for our house – hint, hint! xo

  5. CindyLouWho that’s who you are! ; )
    Do you have any ideas as to what my 6 year old and 3 year old can make as gifts for each other. Something not necessarily Christmas but something playful or useful they can make?

  6. These are so darling! I love them more than the other pom pom ornie’s I’ve seen. We are certainly going to try this….

    Thanks for sharing!

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