These Felt Ornaments can actually be used as gift tags or even a bunting.  Felt is super easy and inexpensive to work with too. This craft is such a fun way to dress up handmade gifts!

Handmade Felt Gift Tags and Ornaments

Handmade Felt Gift Tags

Felt is one of my favorite mediums because it’s so versatile and easy to use. Plus very little bits go a long way. Today I’m going to share a few easy ideas for making your own embellished gift tags and ornaments using felt.

Supplies Needed

  • Heavy thread (I used wool thread and 12 gauge sewing thread)
  • School glue
  • tags (make your own or use pre-made tags from an office supply store)
  • assorted ribbon, needle, notions, etc.
  • Felt in your chosen colors

Handmade Felt Ornaments, Gift Tags, and Bunting

This is project is super versital. With the same techniques and supplies, you can make gift tags for packages, ornaments, and a cute bunting to decorate your home.

How to Choose Felt

There are varying qualities of felt available. There’s the inexpensive craft felt at most craft stores which works great, but will ‘beard’ (or shed a little) bit after a while. Another option is wool felt which is a higher quality felt. It’s costs a little more (you get what you pay for) but a little goes a long way. It’s available in stores like JoAnn’s as well as independent fabric shops in a variety of colors – and usually prettier colors than the regular craft felt, if you ask me. Either one works great for these projects.

How to Make Monogramed Ornaments

To make a simple monogram ornament cut two identical circles. Trace something round – like a glass – using a light pen. Cut out the circles and lightly trace your initial (or other design) onto one (or both) of them. I like to use Frixion pens because they easily erase with heat (ironing).


Hand stitch with a heavy-weight floss – I used DMC Pearl Cotton in a 5 gauge and a tapestry needle. After stitching, fold 6″ of ribbon as seen in picture. Lightly glue ribbon in place and second circle to the back. Hand or machine stitch circles together, securing ribbon loop in place at the same time.


How to Make Custom Felt Gift Tags

Use the same method, hand-stitching a symbol to a felt circle. Lightly glue felt circle in place on your gift tag (try not to get glue near the outside edges that will be stitched down). Machine stitch around the edges to secure in place.


How to Make a Mini Felt Bunting

To create mini bunting flags using felt, cut a strip the height of the desired bunting (in this case I chose about 1″) and using a scissors or a rotary cutter, cut triangles going opposite directions to get a lot of bunting triangles at once.


Stitch a whole string of mini pennants together directly through your sewing machine.


If using the bunting on tags, draw a light pencil line that will be the drape of the bunting. Lightly glue the pennants in place.


Stitch top edges of pennants in place. I used a 12 gauge sewing thread for added emphasis.

stitch bunting

Tie loose strings at the edge of the tag to keep the thread from coming loose.


Options are endless as you could cut a variety of shapes (like the heart on the left) from the felt, glue, and then stitch them directly on to tags.

handmade felt gift tags

felt gift tags

Amy Smart is a sewer, crafter, quilter, lover and hoarder of fabric. She writes about her creative adventures at her blog Diary of a Quilter.

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  1. This is such a creative fun idea!! I never though I would be Pinning felt tags. 🙂 (Just paper ones.)

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