Creating a Nature Suncatcher Garland is a great way to get outdoors, explore and be crafty!  

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We love to make window decorations, they always brighten up the room and are so cheery! Perfect for summer!


SunCatcher Supplies

To make these nature suncatcher garlands, you’ll need:

  • Clear Contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker or pen
  • Items from Nature
  • String (we used hemp cord but yarn works too)

Explore Nature

This activity is great for getting kids outdoors and exploring.

Look for small items in nature, small leaves, flowers, or even the petals of the flowers. Be sure to keep an eye out for anything with color!

You could definitely make this part an entire activity in itself and do a scavenger hunt for certain colors, textures, or shapes. We always love a good scavenger hunt, and natural ones are classic!


How to Make A Nature Garland

You will make the nature collage using contact paper to hold all the found objects in place.

I first traced circles onto the contact paper to give the kids some guidance to place their nature items.

Cut a small piece of contact paper and trace the mason jar rings onto the contact paper side (not the part you peel off).

Peel the backing off the contact paper and tap onto the surface, you will want the sticky side up. Tape the corners to a table with washi or masking to keep the contact paper secure.

Now encourage kids to get creative and fill in the circles with the nature items.

We found it very cool to peel apart the flowers if they were big. To have a petal instead of a whole flower. If the flower was closed up or bell-shaped, we peeled it open to fan it out.

TIP: Leave areas of sticky contact paper so that it will stick to the second piece of contact paper to be placed on top and hold together.

flowers placed on sticky contact paper

Place another piece of contact paper on top and press. If it is really bumpy try setting a stack of books on it for a couple of hours.

Make sure both pieces of contact paper are pressed together.

press flowers between two sheets of contact paper

Carefully cut out the circles.

child cutting sun catcher

Some circles might need a little tape help to hold them together in spots. Tape a string to the backs of the circles to hold them together. They make a wonderful display for your window. The circles can also be hung individually.


Individual circles can also be pressing into mason jar canning rings.

First, tie a knot around the ring with the string or cording. Push the suncatcher circle into the ring.

sun catchers in canning rings

Both ways to display made for some gorgeous nature suncatchers!


Jamie learned to be a hands-on mom by creating activities, crafts, and art projects for her three boys to do. As a former marketing manager, Jamie needs the creative outlet to get through the early years of parenting with a smile!

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