Here a few summer hacks that caught my eye.  Summer is a great time to get outside and do some projects.  Have you ever seen my DIY Adirondack chair tutorial?  It takes some time to build these chairs, but with my plan, you can make beautiful chairs for your summer patio!  My kids also love making ice cream in a bag. It’s a fun activity to keep kids busy for afternoon, and the pay off is very sweet.

This is a great idea to refresh plastic patio furniture!

summer hacks


DIY Homemade Weed Killer

summer hacks


Make your own sidewalk chalk.

summer hacks


Turn a towel into a beach bag with this easy tutorial.

towel tote beach bag

Summer is hot!  Here are five easy ways to stay hydrated this summer.

summer hacks


10 Ways to Naturally Lighten you hair.

summer hacks


Make your grill non stick with a onion! 

grilling tip


Do you have any great summer tips? If so tell me below in the comments.

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