Do you want to know how to make your grill non-stick? This is a a great tip!  We love a good household tip here at Skip to my Lou.  I mean who doesn’t want to know how to make life easier! Did you know a simple mixture of two ingredients you have right in your pantry will make your shower sparkle? I can also share how to unclog your drain with two ingredients! This tip saved me over $100.  My husband tried everything to unclog our kitchen sink, even a 25 foot snake. He finally gave up and I was able to show him how to unclog a drain naturally! We actually both were shocked at how well it worked.

My cute new nephew-in-law, Tyler, is here to share this amazing tip with us!

How to make your grill non-stick naturally

grilling tip rub onion to make non stick surface

I couldn’t believe this worked! To make your grill non-stick all you need to do is cut an onion in half and rub the cut side on the heated grill grate.

grilling tip

It really works!grilling tip rub onion on grill

These burgers didn’t stick one bit!

grilling tip non-stick burgers

Now that is an amazing tip!

Grill Recipes

Now that your grill is non-stick it is time to get grilling!

We love to make homemade pizza on the grill.

This balsamic bbq sauce is fabulous! We especially love it on pork steaks! YUM!

It only takes a few ingredients for this Spicy Grilled Chicken. It makes for an easy dinner recipe.

Hosting a party this summer? Have a shrimp boil! It is so easy.


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  1. I love the Tip and those burgers look delicious, but WoW Tyler…..probably taste better. Very Cute.

  2. Wonderful post!! When grilling fish, quite common in our family, Cooks recommends doing the oil wipe a number of times, up to 12, allowing the grill to recover after each wipe. Thanks.

  3. Unfortunately, my friend is allergic to onions, so that wouldn’t work for him. Let me know if you find something other than onions that will make the grill non stick. Thanks.

  4. Hi Richard, make sure the chicken is not turned too quickly. Allow it to get a sear/crust before flipping. Hope this helps. We have great luck with the onion!

  5. Preheated grill as instructed. Rubbed cut side of red onion on hot grill over completely, put on chicken. Stuck miserably.

  6. Sure beats the time I rubbed olive oil on the grill and caught the thing on a full-blazing fire and had to put it out with baking soda. Burned my chicken too! LOL Trying this for sure!

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