Here are terrific tutorials to make fabric bins, baskets, buckets, and containers, These fabric storage basket tutorials will get you organized in style!

colorful patchwork basket with grown leather handles
Patchwork Basket

Related: If you enjoy making storage containers you may enjoy my simple reversible tote bag pattern. It is super cute and functional. Just think of all the things you can fill it with. Keep your car clean and organized with this DIY Car Trash Bag.

The best thing about fabric organizer container baskets is that they help you get organized! You can put them in any room where storage is needed – like the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom.

As you know I am a gift-giver so I can’t help mentioning the following. These fabric containers also make great gifts or gift baskets for any occasion. You simply need to choose your fabric or theme and choose your favorite pattern.

step-by-step tutorials for Fabric Storage Containers, Bins, baskets, and Buckets

Fabric CUBE Storage Boxes Tutorial

Don’t forget about fabric storage baskets for your kid to put their toys in. It’s a great way to teach them organizational skills and how to keep things picked up. That’s a win-win for parents.

These fabric storage cubes are fairly simple to make and can be used to store almost anything and pretty up your storage space.

Two fabric bins with lime green and white fabric, with gray lining, trim and handles; each bin is labeled identifying what is in them, the first is labeled Dolls and the second is labeled sewing

Sturdy Basket with Leather Handles

sturdy fabric basket with leather handles

Cloth Storage Baskets

These cloth storage baskets can be made with 10-inch layer cake squares. Next time you have a leftover be sure to save, you only need four to make these.

mini fabric storage bins

Petite Baskets

These beauties can also be made with a 10-inch square of fabric.

tiny colorful fabric baskets

Storage Basket with Handles

This DIY fabric basket pattern is portable and easy storage with rope handles. This storage solution is great for laundry rooms. The perfect size is big enough for blankets and towels, but don’t forget the playroom. Toss kid toys in for a quick pickup of clutter.

basket with large rope handles

30 Minute Storage Basket Sewing Tutorial

Keep everything from holiday decorations to craft supplies organized with this quick pattern. This pattern can easily be adjusted to make different sizes. They would be pretty custom drawer organizers.

simple fabric basket with handles that can be made in 30 mins

Sturdy Fabric Storage Bins

What I like about these storage containers is they are great for things like baby diapers or toiletries. When not in use they can be collapsed for storage.

Two collapsible fabric bins one has a pink leafy outer fabric with a pink harlequin fabric lining; the second has a brown polka dot fabric with pink, yellow and green flowers on it, it is lined with foam green harlequin fabric

Fabric Basket

I find this fabric basket adorable and I love the quilted look. It’s perfect for baby care items or things like rolled-up wash clothes – it really can be used for almost anything.

Pretty fabric basket that has pink and white polka dot, yellow floral, yellow with pink lines fabric squares sewn together, with a green and white fabric lining the inside of the basket with a canvas bottom and canvas and pink polka dot handles

No Interfacing Fabric Box Tutorial

What’s great about fabric storage containers is that they provide decorative storage wherever you put them. You can make them in various sizes for all your different storage nooks.

These washable stand-up boxes are such a sweet addition to tabletop storage. You can drop your keys or cell phone in it and always know where to find them. Basket decor anyone?

Two canvas fabric boxes, one is taller and the fabric is plain; the second is shorter and the fabric has a pink silhouette of a woman in a dress on it

Fabric Scrap Baskets

These fabric storage boxes are great if you sew or do any kind of craft. They are the perfect catch-all size and don’t take up a lot of space. A perfect way to keep all those sewing supplies handy and organized.

Three fabric scrap boxes the first has a cherry blossom print covering the box and a brown and white polka dot lining; the second is covered with a pink floral with olive green leaf print fabric; and the third is covered with spring green striped fabric

Fabric storage bin Tutorial

What’s great about fabric storage containers is that they can act as accent pieces on a bookshelf or other nooks in your house.

For those of you who enjoy sewing and detail, this fabric storage bin could be what you are looking for. Its strength and rigidity come from the reinforcement of the fabrics. This is a large storage bin you won’t want to hide away.

White shelf displaying a quartz gold fabric storage with taupe handles on the side; this bin is all fabric and stitching

How to make lined canvas bins

As mentioned before storage containers can be decorative. You can add a touch of style while providing function with the canvas bins. I like the idea of numbering the bins because it helps you identify more where something is stored. This is just one more way for you to be more organized.

Two fabric storage boxes covered with canvas colored fabric, and lined and trimmed with at beautiful geometric green and red pattern fabric. These totes are finished with a lime green and white polka dot ribbon and numbered one with No. 1 and the other No. 2.

Round Baskets

Do you need more catch-all sewing or craft supply holders? These round fabric buckets are great for storage on tabletops and shelves, or in cabinets because of their size. You can be as creative as you want with decorating them.

This spring-form fabric bucket is easy to make and is the most flexible of all of the fabric storage containers I have shared with you. You can modify the pattern and add a handle to make a great Easter egg basket.

Modern Round Basket Pattern

modern color blocked round fabric baskets

Drawstring Bucket Basket

drawstring bucket basket

Hanging Baskets

Fabric Wall Baskets

Pick out a darling print for your child’s room and these become a terrific toy wrangler that’s cute!

fabric wall baskets filled with toys

Sturdy Hanging Wall Baskets

How to make a Fabric Hanging Storage Basket

This hanging fabric storage basket is a great solution when you don’t have surface space for a container. It’s adorable and can also be made for people who use walkers or wheelchairs.

Pink and beige striped fabric hanging storage basket with fuschia pink heart sewn on the front and a button strap to hang it with; the basket has white trim and lining; it is hung on a black rod

I had so much fun looking for DIY fabric storage ideas. And hope you had fun looking through some of my finds. If you make any of them please leave me a comment about what you liked or disliked.

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  1. These are so pretty and such a great idea! I can’t wait to do this craft with my daughter! She’ll love it!

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  3. On the fabric /canvas drawers I’d like to put a “pull” on the front to use to slide off office shelf. How would I do this? Want to make about 10 of these to file papers in and store without seeing all the papers in an office. I’ve seen a hole put in front to use as a pull. Any suggestions.?
    thank you

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  8. I love your fabric covered storage baskets. That is an outstanding way to reuse cereal boxes and other containers. I’m thinking it would be a great way to cover a coffee can too. I have several coffee cans that I’m wanting to decorate so thanks for the inspiration.

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