Hey there, all you monster truck enthusiasts! If you’re looking for a fun way to engage your kids of all ages while improving their motor skills, you’ve come to the right place. Our monster truck coloring pages offer different difficulty levels to accommodate younger kids as well as older kids. Each of these coloring sheets features vibrant colors and powerful vehicles, so let’s dive in!

Skip to my Lou - Monster Truck Coloring Pages - Monster truck with hill and sun
Try these free printable monster truck coloring pages!

Come join Skip to My Lou for some fun family activities! We have step-by-step instructions for drawing, coloring, and crafting that are perfect for creating lasting memories while spending time together as a family.

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Art Supplies for Monster Truck Coloring Pages

Before you start coloring your monster truck, collect these supplies:

Free Monster Truck Coloring Pages

Our collection of monster truck coloring sheets includes a variety of pictures that will keep your kids entertained for hours on end. Whether they’re a fan of Bigfoot, Gravedigger, or any other monster truck, we’ve got the perfect coloring page for them. Each page is designed to be printed out for personal use, so your kids can color them in with different colors and create their own unique designs.

Coloring is a fantastic way to help your kids develop their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity. It’s also a great way to spend quality time together as a family. Our Monster Truck Coloring Pages offer different difficulty levels, so younger kids can enjoy simpler designs, while older kids can tackle more complex ones. With vibrant colors and powerful vehicles, these coloring sheets are sure to capture your kids’ imaginations and inspire them to create their own monster truck designs.

Monster Truck with Sun and Mountain Coloring Page

Monster Truck Coloring Page 1 - Monster truck with hill and sun
A monster truck in front of the sun and a mountain

Monster Truck with Big Wheels

Monster Truck Coloring Page 2 - Small monster truck with big wheels
Look at these very large wheels!

Monster Truck Front

Monster Truck Coloring Page 3 - Front of monster truck with lights
These massive wheels are crazy!

Monster Truck Crushing Cars

Monster Truck Coloring Page 4 - Monster truck climbing over cars
This monster truck is crushing cars

Monster Truck on Rock

Monster Truck Coloring Page 5 - Monster truck on rock
A monster truck on a big rock

Shark Monster Truck

Monster Truck Coloring Page 6 - Shark monster truck
Use your favorite colors on the detailed body

Climbing Monster Truck 

Monster Truck Coloring Page 7 - Front of monster truck on rock
The front wheel of a monster truck

Monster Truck Front with Sun

Monster Truck Coloring Page 8 - Monster truck front with sun
Front of monster truck with sun in background

Monster Truck on Two Rocks

Monster Truck Coloring Page 9 - Monster truck on two rocks
Monster truck propped up on rock

Little Monster Truck with Big Wheels

Monster Truck Coloring Page 10 - Little monster truck with massive wheels
Such huge suspensions!

Jumping Monster Truck

Monster Truck Coloring Page 11 - Monster truck jumping over another truck
Monster truck flying over another truck!

Mountain Monster Truck

Monster Truck Coloring Page 12 - Monster truck in front of mountain
Monster truck with big mountain in background!

Download, Print, and Color

Our collection of free monster truck coloring pages is available for download as printable PDFs. To get started, simply click on the link before each page to access the printable sheet. And if you want the entire book, you can download the full monster truck coloring book here for free.

More Fun Coloring Pages Activities

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  1. We’re taking our 4 year old to Monster Jam this weekend for his birthday. This is perfect! He’ll love these!

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