With a pile of your favorite candy, you can make this festive candy wreath craft for your home, classroom or office. This is a decoration everyone will enjoy, especially the ones with a sweet tooth!

Make a Candy Wreath with your favorite candies for any holiday!

Let’s make a candy wreath

This candy wreath craft is relatively easy to put together. Perhaps a bit too tedious for small children to make, they will however enjoy taking it apart…piece by piece. Older kids and even elementary age may even jump into it and have fun. This candy wreath is perfect for decorating any area of your home, a classroom or even an office!

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Materials needed

Materials you’ll need for making this fun candy wreath

By the way, did I mention loads of candy?!?!

NOTE: You can also use the part of embroidery hoop with the metal closure– just tape over the metal part to secure it together and make sure you place it at the bottom when hanging.

Instructions for making a Candy Wreath

Step 1

First, paint or cover your hoop with colored electricians tape (makes it a little prettier as the candy is removed). 

Step 2

Next, tie about a 2 yard piece of curling ribbon to the hoop and then covering the knot with tape.

Step 2 preparing the ribbon around the embroidery frame

Step 3

Now you can place a piece of candy on the hoop and tightly wrap the curling ribbon around the hoop catching the tail of the candy wrapper

Step 3 starting off with wrapping the first candy

Step 4

Continue wrapping the candy to the hoop.  If the curling ribbon runs short tie off the ribbon to the hoop and tie on another piece and begin again.  Wrap the candy as close together as you can so you have a full wreath.

Step 4 wrapping the candy around the embroidery frame
The candy wreath is now coming together with your variety of candies!

Step 5

Once you’ve finished wrapping all of the candy, tie on a pair of scissors for cutting off the candy.

Step 6

Finally, tie on a loop of ribbon for hanging and add a bow!

Sweet! Where did you hang your candy wreath? How long did it last before getting eaten up?

My Candy wreath story

In our family these candy wreaths are a holiday tradition that was passed from one lovely and creative woman to her equally lovely and creative sister. What a joy to have known that incredible woman and what a blessing it has been for me to be able have that sister for my sister-n-law. Each year my sister-in-law makes these wreaths for my children to take to school to hang in their classrooms. What a sweet treat for all of the kids!

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  1. My family makes the candy wreaths each year, too. We usually use the small child-sized iron hangers so we can bend them into whatever shape we want. We’ve made bells, wreaths, stars…whatever you can come up with. Love your blog.

  2. that is so precious! my grandmother used to do one similar to this with little candy canes…only, she hot glued them onto a ribbon wreath

  3. I just saw another blogger do this with all peppermints and thought what a delicious idea it was! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  4. We used to make these when I was growing up . . . except without the scissors. We would just unwrap the candy and leave the wrappers on the wreath. It was fun to watch the progression of the wreath as the candy disappeared, and see how pretty it was, even without the goodies on it.

    Thanks for the memory jog. :o)

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