Burlap Wreath Tutorial

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    Gear up for fall with a burlap wreath. Burlap wreaths are super cute fall decorations for your home, and this wreath tutorial makes it super easy to create!

    Burlap Wreath

    I love the welcoming warmth, rustic texture and fall colors. You will be surprised at how quickly it can come together and you will have created your own decoration for your home.
    Burlap wreath

    Burlap Wreath Supplies

    All these burlap wreath supplies can be found at your local craft store.  Burlap can also be purchased by the yard at fabric stores.  Fabric stores will have a variety of burlap colors if you want to change it up.

    • 1 1/2 yards burlap
    • spool of burlap ribbon for bow
    • 200 floral pins (greening pins)
    • 1 straw wreath

    Burlap Wreath Supplies

    You won’t have any trouble making this burlap wreath just follow along step by step.


    How to make a burlap wreath

    First, cut about a 3 to a 4-inch long strip of burlap to wrap around the wreath. Fasten off with a greening pin.

    burlap wreath tutorial step 1Cut 4-inch squares of burlap.

    burlap wreath tutorual step 2Fold the four-inch square in half making a triangle.

    how to make burlap wreathBring the edges of the triangle to the center point.

    burlap wreath tutorial step 5Use a greening pin to attach to the wreath.

    how to make a burlap wreathI pinned along the outside edge all the way around, then the inside and finished off with a row on the front.

    burlap wreath tutorialOnce finished attach a bow and you have a festive fall decoration. You can see how to tie a bow on this bow tying tutorial. I used the same process that I do for making a bow for a gift package.

    burlap wreathA burlap wreath can dress up your home (especially your front door). Here are some more wreath ideas? I think these are some great ones.

    Burlap Wreath Ideas

    Making a wreath doesn’t have to be hard to make. Here is a  fall wreath. Thread the burlap on a wire, add some flowers for an amazing display. The lace is a nice touch!

    It might be because I live in Kansas, but I love this Sunflower Wreath.

    Don’t just make a wreath for fall you can decorate all year long.  Check out this Heart Burlap Wreath.

    This is a great video to learn how to loop the burlap in a wire wreath frame

    I hope these ideas help you create a warm inviting home! There is nothing better than a cozy home!

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    1. Karen
      Sunday, September 23rd, 2018
      Beautiful! I’m wondering if I could use the green styrofoam wreath instead of the straw wreath?? Only asking because it’s what I have on hand?
      • Cindy
        Monday, October 8th, 2018
        Yes, Karen, I think that would work. The important part is that the floral pins are held firmly. A dab of hot glue could always be added for stability.
    2. Marybeth
      Friday, August 17th, 2018
      So pretty! I have big rolls of burlap waiting to be turned into beautiful things! Thanks for sharing! Do you know if burlap can be dyed into different colors?
      • Cindy
        Tuesday, August 28th, 2018
        MaryBeth, I don't know. You could try a sample piece. There must be a way to do it. I see all sorts of colored burlap at fabric stores.
    3. Gloria
      Wednesday, October 4th, 2017
      I must do this
    4. Mary
      Tuesday, September 19th, 2017
      Fiquei mui agradecida por esta guirlanda rústica. Deus te dê cada dia sabedoria e inspiração p novos trabalhos. Agradeço desde por enviar novas idéias. Deus abençoe, até breve. Reci/PE,Brasil, 19.09.2017 Mary
    5. Josefa Hernandez
      Friday, September 15th, 2017
      Awesome, I've never made one but I sure am going to try, thank you for sharing your awesome work.
    6. Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017
      This is JUST Gorgeous! I can't wait to make a new fall wreath. Thanks so much for sharing another awesome project!!
    7. Linda
      Friday, November 18th, 2016
      I really like this burlap wreath! I'm always looking for different techniques!
      • Cindy
        Monday, August 21st, 2017
        Thanks Linda!
    8. Alicia
      Sunday, April 10th, 2016
      What size straw wreath form is this?
    9. Tuesday, December 1st, 2015
      Your local upholstery shop sells the burlap for less than the retail stores....
      • Cindy
        Monday, August 21st, 2017
        Thanks Kerri that is a great tip! I wonder if it is thicker too. Sometimes the burlap at the craft stores is thin.
    10. Sunday, October 11th, 2015
      Wow, it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing this technique, it is so versatile and it has so much potential. I think I will use some green fabric, so it looks like leaves and I will decorate it with flowers!

      Thanks for the tutorial, your wreath looks very professionally done!

      • Cindy
        Monday, August 21st, 2017
        Daniela, be sure to google Fourth of July burlap wreaths... this technique can make a really cool flag burlap wreath.
    11. Jessica
      Tuesday, September 8th, 2015
      You made this look so easy that Im actually thinking about trying it? Im a beginner in all things DIY, and crafting...do you think tjis is a good starter project?
    12. Alison Clontz
      Saturday, October 11th, 2014
      Hey, I love this wreath. I just made it. I am not crafty at all, but mine looks really good. However, how did you attach the bow?
      • Cindy
        Monday, August 21st, 2017
        You can attach the bow with floral wire by fastening the wire through the back of the bow and then around the wreath. You can also use the floral pins.
    13. Friday, September 26th, 2014
      I love it.. It's amazing!
    14. Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
      I LOVE this!
    15. Monday, September 15th, 2014
      I adore this! I can't wait to try it on my own! Thanks for sharing. Pinned.
    16. Monday, September 15th, 2014
      I love how tailored this looks. I'm going to try it with 4" burlap ribbon so I have less cutting/dust. pinned!