I love ice cream in the summer! Have you ever made your own Ice Cream Toppings?  If not you are missing out, homemade sundae toppings taste better.  Have an ice cream sundae bar at your next get together with these amazing recipes.
We love to make homemade ice cream. It simply tastes better and is easy to make.
What are good toppings for ice cream sundaes? Sprinkles, hot fudge, caramel, oreos, peanut butter cups, cookie dough, melted marshmallows, nuts.

Ice Cream Toppings

Hard Shell Ice Cream topping is like magic! Our family loves the ice cream topping that goes on liquid and then immediately hardens to make a hard yummy chocolate shell. This classic topping is so delicious and amazing.
DIY hard shell ice cream topping
This Microwave Raspberry Sauce Recipe is perfect on ice cream!
This amazing homemade strawberry topping sauce is perfect for the days in the summer that scream for some lively fruit flavor on top of creamy vanilla ice cream!
ice cream toppings

Ice Cream Topping Ideas

Butterscotch flavor just can’t compare to anything you get from a bottle or jar at the store.
Butterscotch Magic Shell Recipe
What is the most popular ice cream topping? It might surprise you that caramel ranks most popular followed by hot fudge.
 I love caramel, whether it’s by itself, sprinkled with sea salt, covered in peanuts, enrobed with nougat…well you get point you can’t have a ice cream sundae without out!
ice cream toppings
Did you know you can make your own Marshmallow Fluff — for the ultimate Marshmallow Treat Sundae? It’s sooo good, too! Nothing store-bought even compares.
Ice cream toppings
Top of your Sundae with this! Using homemade whipped cream in your desserts transforms them from good to unbelievable.
The BEST salted caramel sauce! It’s easy to make and is great drizzled over ice cream!
ice cream toppings
An Easy Recipe for Hot Fudge. No Sundae is perfect without the perfect Hot Fudge!
ice cream toppings
This dark chocolate sauce is rich and creamy, you may wish to drink it.
ice cream toppings
If you like peanuts on your ice cream this peanut sauce is for you!
ice cream toppings
What goes on a ice cream sundae bar? All of the ice cream toppings above are perfect for your ice cream sundae bar! You will want to add nuts, gummy bears, sprinkles, and candy. Fruits like blueberries, strawberries and rasberries help round it out nicely. You might also consider offering frozen yogurt. This spread will remind your guest of the old days of ice cream parlors if you display it just right. No need to serve boring frozen treats.
What is the most popular ice cream flavor? Did you know that vanilla and chocolate are the most popular ice cream flavors? Followed closely by mint chip.
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