This is what I am working on today for the little kid’s table at Easter dinner. These felt Easter egg crayon holders with some coloring sheets (or maybe just cover the whole table with white paper they can color on) will be nice to keep little hands busy!

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Here are a few more of my sewing and crayon crafts you might enjoy.

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  1. As I see this… I only can imagine much more idea’s to make crayon holders at the table… LOVE THIS!!!! Maybe I will make one myself for next year… because it won’t be done before tomorrow.. Think I will make some forxmas, queensday…. etc…


  2. This project is adorable,,,, I see that you/someone posted here a link for a tutorial,, but I can’t seem to find it…

    Please help,
    Linda J

  3. Love this little Easter Egg and am also wondering if there is a PDF file for this. I know I should be able to cut these out freehanded but I’m terrible about that. I’m sure hoping there is a pattern. Thanks for such a great idea!

    Gayle Taylor

  4. I love the crayon eggs. Just adorable and a great idea for an Easter kid’s table!

  5. I don’t have a pdf of these, I will see what I can come up with! The egg is 4 1/2 inches wide. I used two egg shapes and then one partial egg. It helps to cut out extra eggs and then cut them apart and divide them for the decorations on the tops!

  6. Oh my gosh you guys are fabulous! Sewing elastic on the back for the coloring pages is genius!

  7. These are super cute! I can see putting elastic on them to make them in to napkin rings or putting a back on them to make little purses/wallets. So many great possibilities!

  8. I love this! Since I don’t know if we’ll have a kiddy table, I might just sew some elastic to the back and roll up some Easter colouring pages. But thanks so much for sharing!

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