This adorable and easy Easter Bunny cake is the Easter dessert you need to make this year. Don’t worry, I have included printables for the ears and the instructions for cutting and joining the round cakes so you can create these cute bunnies in no time.

Two white Easter bunny cakes sitting on a bed of green Easter grass, by Skip to my Lou.
Bake these sweet bunnies today

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Just round up 2 round cake pans, a serrated knife, and a large serving tray and the following simple ingredients and you’ll be ready to bake!

Two coconut covered bunny cakes with printable ears sitting in green Easter grass with 4 eggs, by Skip to my Lou.
Decoration and dessert

What You will need: Ingredients

For the Easter Bunny cake recipe:

  • Your favorite recipe or box mix
  • Your favorite frosting
Two sliver springform pans with cake batter inside, by Skip to my Lou.
Cake batter ready for the oven

Putting it Together: Instructions

Step 1

After baking the cake, slice it in half and turn it over.

One round cake layer, sliced in half, sitting on a wooden cutting board with a serrated knife, by Skip to my Lou.
Start by slicing your cake in half.

Step 2

Now that the cake is turned over, add your vanilla or favorite frosting on one of the sides of the cake.

Frosting spread on one half of a round cake layer, by Skip to my Lou.
So very tasty!

Step 3

Make the two halves meet with the frosting in the middle of the two.

Two half cake layers with frosting between them standing up on their cut side, by Skip to my Lou.
Hold them together for a few seconds so they stay like this.

Step 4

Using a serrated knife, cut off a triangle of the cake to give the shape of a bunny sitting.

A serrated knife cutting a triangular section from cake layers frosted together and standing upright, by Skip to my Lou.
It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Step 5

Remove the triangle.

Two half cake layers, frosted together, standing upright and sliced to look like a bunny, by Skip to my Lou.
Do you see the bunny shape? I do!

Step 6

Cover the rest of the cake in frosting using a frosting knife.

Offset spatula frosting a bunny cake with white frosting, by Skip to my Lou.
Your Easter bunny cake is almost done!

Step 7

Print the bunny ears, cut them, and place them on the cake!

Printable with 2 sets of pink and white bunny ears to add to the bunny cakes, by Skip to my Lou.
Printable Bunny ears

Final Result

Place your cake in a tray decorated with Easter items, and you’re all ready to impress your guests!

Two white Easter bunny cakes with pink and white paper ears, sitting in green Easter grass with 4 eggs, by Skip to my Lou.
Imagine the surprise when your guests see this adorable dessert

Additions and Substitutions

No green Easter grass for the serving tray? You can tint coconut green with a few drops of green food coloring. Measure out a cup of shredded coconut, dump it in a bowl, add 2 drops to start with and mix well. Add one drop more at a time until you like the shade of green. Repeat with another cup of coconut until there is enough “grass” to cover your serving tray.

Want to add whiskers, eyes, and nose to your bunnies? Black licorice strings can be cut and inserted for whiskers. Pink jelly beans can be added for eyes and black jelly beans can be added for a nose.

Instead of real eggs on the serving platter, you can sprinkle Easter candy on the platter.

Before You Hop Away

Thank you for stopping by today. Please check out more delicious recipes, comment and let me know how your family liked this one!

I can’t wait to hear how your Easter Bunny cake turned out! Please leave a comment below. I’ll add a few more Easter ideas here, just for you.

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