Have you been egged?  It’s that time of year again! The weather is warming up, spring is in the air, and Easter is right around the corner! Here is a fun Easter activity that will let your friends and neighbors know you sweet you think they are.  “You’ve Been Egged” free printables will help you do it!

If you are looking for more ways to make Easter special try these Easter dinner conversation starters. They will keep the conversation flowing at your gathering. Everyone will love getting to know each other better!  We keep the kids busy with Easter coloring pages and dying eggs.  If you like to gift treats these bunny bags are super easy to make.

You've Been Egged Printables for Easter

You’ve Been Egged Supplies

How to egg someone (nicely!)

First, you’ll grab all the supplies.  Print all the printables in color on white cardstock. Cut out the labels and signs. Place the “You’ve Been Egged” printable on top with tape or glue. The tabs will wrap around the carton and can be fastened together with a piece of tape.

You've Been Egged Printable

On the inside of the egg carton, place the instructions on how to find the hidden treats under the top. Fill plastic eggs with treats inside, and spread them over the front yard of your friend or neighbor’s home. Place the decorated egg carton without the eggs on their porch. Ring the doorbell and RUN!  This is the Easter form of “Booing.” It is fun to figure out how to get away without being noticed and your friends will feel special knowing they have a secret admirer.

You've Been Egged

Grab a mixing stick at your local paint or home improvement store to tape or glue on the “We’ve Been Egged Sign.” Place this sign in your friend or neighbor’s yard to let everyone know they have been egged!


Hope you kids love treating your friends and neighbors!

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  1. Can you upload the version that has tabs? When I open it, it has no tabs. Also, do you have a version of the egg that says “You’ve been egged”?

  2. Small little toys like super balls, erasers, small figurines, costume jewelry… etc. Look at the party favor section at the dollar store or big box store. Usually, there are tiny trinkets that work well in eggs. Hope this helps!

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