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Creative Ways To Give Money

Posted by  ·  May 3, 2018  ·  Last Updated: May 3, 2018

Here are creative ways to give money! Free printable gift tags make it super simple to gift cash and give a great money gift! Everyone loves to get cash and here are fun ways to give money! These tags are especially great for graduates and make it easy to gift cash!

Most graduates will agree you can’t go wrong with money! If you prefer to just add a few bills to your card you might like these free graduation cards.  Just roll up money to make a diploma and attach to the card. Gift cards are another appreciated gift. Place a gift card in this DIY Graduation Cap Card to make it extra festive.

Creative Ways To Give Money

Download and print the gift tags on cardstock…. any color you choose. They all make great money gift ideas to gift cash!

{ Gift Tag Download}

Creative Ways To Give Money

Money Gift

It is so exciting for the new grad, this new adventure they are starting. Let them know you think their future is bright with this creative money gift.

bright future grad money gift

There are so many fun ways to give money and these free gift tags make it super easy! Try all these money gift ideas!

Here’s to a bright Future Gift Supplies

  • glass lightbulb holder (found at craft store)
  • money
  • printable tag
  • hole punch ribbon
bright future gift supplies

Place cash in lightbulb container.  I left the bill slightly out of the container, even catching the edge of the lid as I screwed on the stop. This will make it easy to retrieve the money.

creative ways to give grad cash

Rainy Day Money Gift

Everyone can use some cash for a rainy day.  This could be a great money gift for anyone!

something for a rainy day gift creative way to give money

Something for a rainy day gift supplies

  • umbrella
  • money
  • binder clips
  • fishing line
  • printable tag
  • hole punch
  • scissors
rainy day grad gift supplies

Attach fishing line to spines in the umbrella. Next tie the  other end of fishing line to binder clip attached to money.

tying cash into umbrella

When they open the umbrella they will be showered with money.

cash in umbrella rainy day gift

Once all the money is attached, close the umbrella. The bills will be hanging out. Fold the bills back up around the umbrella with binder clips hanging around the bottom. Pull cover down over money. Binder clips might slightly show.

closed umbrella with cash

Funny Money Gift

Here are more creative ways to give money and remind someone to not blow their money all in one place.

don't blow it in one place gift

Tape money together in a long row.  Repositional tape or painters tape will do the trick without damaging the money.

tape money together

Roll up the end and place inside the tissue box on top of the tissues.

gift cash money in tissue box

We all know college students live on pizza.  Here is a way to give them some useful dough!money gift you can't live on pizza so here is some dough

Purchase a pizza box from your local pizza place or baking supply store and fill will money.

how to give cash

I hope you love these money gift ideas they are creative ways to give cash!

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  1. Tuesday, May 15th, 2018
    Cool tips. I like pizza idea. When you are 're hungry, and you're given this gift. It's so great.
  2. Thursday, May 3rd, 2018
    I love the umbrella one! I'm a terrible gift giver and sometimes gift cards can seem impersonal.