Give a funny money gift with this don’t blow it all in one place gift idea. Grab some cash and a tissue box and you are ready to whip up a fun gift.

Who doesn’t love to receive money? If you love giving clever gifts here are more creative ways to give money.

don't blow it in one place gift

Don’t Blow It All in One Place Money Gift Supplies

Funny Money Gift

Here is how to remind someone to not blow their money all in one place!

Tape money together in a long row.  Repositional tape or painters tape will do the trick without damaging the money.

tape money together

Roll up the end and place inside the tissue box on top of the tissues.

gift cash money in tissue box

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  1. This will be a great addition to our homeless gifts at Christmas. Tissues are always part of the deal and money also, but this is a creative way to put them together. Thanks.

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