While in Denver we had the complete pleasure of meeting Sergio Augusto and his family.

braziliandrinkssergioThey live next door to our dear friend Brooke with whom we stayed. They all  became such a special part of our lives. Each one in their own way made our time in Denver better —-by helping us with our children, hugs, smiles, friendship and at the end of a long day—  sharing good company, a Brazilian Caipirinha and some amazing music.

How to make a Brazilian Caipirinha

For each Brazilian Caipirinha Sergio style you need 1 lime.


Remove the center part of the lime to keep the drink from becoming bitter.


Thinly slice the limes.


Place limes in a glass.


Add about 1 Tablespoon of sugar (you will have to adjust for your taste).


With a muddler mash the sugar and limes together. Work until you have started to disolve the sugar and have a good amount of juice.


Fill the entire glass with ice.


Fill the glass with Vodka. Traditional recipes call for a shot of alcohol but I have to say these have slightly shy of a  1/2 cup of vodka. To be authentic use Cachaca.






Best enjoyed with good friends and this

I hope you all will take the time to visit Sergio’s Webisite and learn more about this talented man!

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  1. This post may have been written specifically for me. I LOVE caipirinhas. LOVE them. Thanks so much for the step-by-step! And the pictures! I’m so excited I might have to make them this weekend!

  2. Awesome! Fell in love with these drinks when I was studying overseas in Brazil! Now I have a very easy recipe, thanks!


  3. Thank you for sharing!! This cocktail looks refreshing…I am definitely going to give it a try!

    BTW ~ I love your blog! I am a stalker…oops! I mean follower!

  4. Cindy! Ficou maravilhoso!! Turned out magnificent!! Great job. Made my
    mouth water and I’m at work…NOT!!!
    Miss you and yours …um beijo grande! SAUDE!!! Vicki

  5. This drink has DEFINITELY become the favorite of all guests now coming to visit….however, I use 4 T of sugar…..must be the sweet tooth! And of course it is even better with Sergio singing! He’s now on YouTube following his wonderful Father’s Day event at Dazzle Jazz Club here in Denver….come on back anytime for hospitality, Brazilian style!

  6. You’ve made my day today with this post, I am from Brasil and love Caipirinha. I also live in Denver like your friend Sergio and when i was a little one, i used to live on the same building as the Garota de Ipanema bar, where the song was created. so i can say i am a true garota de ipanema. Thank you for reminding me about my childhood and adulthood with the caipirinha. Saude(cheers) Leilane

  7. yummo! not only delish, but it looks like fun too! love the pics…good job!

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