Santa came to our home along with 9 little girls in their jammies for Breakfast with Santa. They each sat on his lap for a picture. Isn’t he just the best Santa?

Breakfast with Santa 2009 1

My husband painted wooden frames with chalkboard paint and drilled holes to make holders for two pieces of chalk.

chalkboardframes copy

This chalkboard frame gave them an activity to keep busy while all the girls were arriving and also served as a holder for their picture with Santa. We took the pictures at the beginning and then during the party my son and husband printed them and placed them in the decorated frames for each girl to take home.


Each little girl had a special place.


They ate pancakes, sausage and bacon while they

Breakfast with Santa 2

chatted and giggled with Santa!

Breakfast with Santa 2009 3a

Santa asked them about the letters they each wrote to him.

Breakfast with Santa 2009 lists

He read them  The Night Before Christmas

Breakfast with Santa 2009 3

and gave them each a gift.

Breakfast with Santa 2009  4a

The gift…


a crayon holder . I have a felt crayon holder tutorial if you would like to make one too!


Santa had to be on his way so we went outside (yes in our jammies and slippers) in the COLD for the snowman pinata.

Breakfast with Santa 2009 Snowman Pinata

It was “cool”! You might like our snowman pinata tutorial.

Breakfast with Santa 2009 Snowman Pinata 2

We finished with loads of lovely presents and the best snowman cake ever (Thanks Aunt Jenny!)!

Breakfast with Santa Snowman Cake

Ahhhhh to be 5!

Breakfast With Santa Snowman cake 2Here are our Breakfast with Santa party invitations.

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  1. What a memorable party for an important milestone. I would have loved going to a party like this. A breakfast party is a wonderful idea for any time of the year!

  2. Wow!!! You are amazingly talented!!! I love the crayon holder with notebook idea. I think it would be perfect for in the car or for in a little purse! I am anxiously awaiting this tutorial!!!

  3. What a wonderful birthday! You are so creative, I am so happy I’ve discovered your website. I’ve passed it on to all my creative friends.

    Love the Santa! What a great gift to your little girl.

  4. What a wonderful party, great Santa. And thanks for the wonderful ideas.
    Tell Bella I said Happy Birthday. And for your family to have very Merry Christmas!

  5. I love this party idea! My son was born on 12/30 and I make sure we do a separate party for his birthday. So.. the gifts for the kiddos were the frames, picture with Santa and the Crayon keeper. LOVE all of the ideas here. I would like to make that Crayon craft for my son, but maybe make it larger for pencils…

  6. OK!!!!!!!!!! All I kept saying through this post was, “OH MY GOSH!!!!” It is allllll soooooooooooooo stinkin’ stankin’ (keeping in the Christmas Grinch theme) CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. AUHmazing…that’s all I have to say!
    Every Little Detail! And Props to your hubby for helping out!
    Merry Christmas!!

  8. You might just be the coolest mom ever! It is challenging to balance december birthdays while christmas just as special. Well done! She looked like a very happy little girl.

  9. How cute! The party looks like it was soooooo much fun! I can’t wait for the crayon holder tutorial!

  10. I LOVE this!!! My birthday is actually on Christmas Day, so it was a little tough to celebrate as a kid…everyone was always super busy the weekends leading up to it and really burned out the weekends after. But this party….genius!!!

  11. Oh I hope the tutorial is sooner rather than later! I have been wanted to make one exactly like that from you other crayon roll up tutorial but I couldn’t quite figure out the best way to do it.

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