Santa came to our home along with 9 little girls in their jammies for Breakfast with Santa. They each sat on his lap for a picture. Isn’t he just the best Santa?

Breakfast with Santa 2009 1

My husband painted wooden frames with chalkboard paint and drilled holes to make holders for two pieces of chalk.

chalkboardframes copy

This chalkboard frame gave them an activity to keep busy while all the girls were arriving and also served as a holder for their picture with Santa. We took the pictures at the beginning and then during the party my son and husband printed them and placed them in the decorated frames for each girl to take home.


Each little girl had a special place.


They ate pancakes, sausage and bacon while they

Breakfast with Santa 2

chatted and giggled with Santa!

Breakfast with Santa 2009 3a

Santa asked them about the letters they each wrote to him.

Breakfast with Santa 2009 lists

He read them  The Night Before Christmas

Breakfast with Santa 2009 3

and gave them each a gift.

Breakfast with Santa 2009  4a

The gift…


a crayon holder . I have a felt crayon holder tutorial if you would like to make one too!


Santa had to be on his way so we went outside (yes in our jammies and slippers) in the COLD for the snowman pinata.

Breakfast with Santa 2009 Snowman Pinata

It was “cool”! You might like our snowman pinata tutorial.

Breakfast with Santa 2009 Snowman Pinata 2

We finished with loads of lovely presents and the best snowman cake ever (Thanks Aunt Jenny!)!

Breakfast with Santa Snowman Cake

Ahhhhh to be 5!

Breakfast With Santa Snowman cake 2Here are our Breakfast with Santa party invitations.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! How have I never thought of this? I love to do parties and am always let down with the lack of “follow through” at these type of events elsewhere. I will have to look into this for next year. How did you get ahold of Santa??

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. We don’t have winter birthdays but I think I’ll do one like it anyway.

  3. What a wonderful idea! That is such a unique party – there are few other kids who can claim to have had breakfast with Santa! What a memory!

  4. I love how you make her December birthday so special. She will remember it her whole life! I’m a 12/24 baby and it can be either awesome or not so great to have a December birthday!

  5. What a great party that must have been. I just love all of it!!!
    Can you do a tutorial for the chalkboard frames and candy cane
    name holders?
    I just might do something like this for my kids and their friends next year.

  6. I must say, that was the most FABULOUS party ever! Over the top, amazing in every detail! Wow, wow, what fun! Such a great family – brothers who would wake up on a Saturday at 8 AM to make pancakes and download and frame pictures! Kudos to all of you! I just LOVED it all. . and isn’t this the cutest birthday girl! Ahhh, to be 5!!

  7. Wow, you have truly out done yourself. It all looks so magical. Why oh why didn’t I have these great ideas when my son was younger.

  8. So sweet! I love the pic of the girls at the table w/Santa at the head of it … how cute is that!!!!

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