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How to make a pinata

Surprise Me!

A snowman pinata that is…

Blow up balloons and tape together in desired shape.

Mix up a thick soupy mixture of flour and water.

Cut or tear pieces of newspaper and begin covering balloons. The balloons will need 2-3 layers depending on the strength of the party attendees. Older children might need more layers.

Before final layer add a strong string for hanging the pinata. The string went all the way around the snowman to keep the head from being knocked off. Pieces of tape kept the string in place around the snowman until final layer was put on and dry. When paper is completely dry, cut a hole somewhere on the pinata (we cut the hole in the top of the head). Fill with goodies.

Fold strips of crepe paper in half. Make a slits on the folded sided 1/4″ – 1/2″ apart.

Glue uncut edges of the strips of crepe paper.  spiraling around entire pinata, cutting more strips as needed. Slightly pull crepe paper as gluing to allow the cut edges to pop out.

Allow pinata to dry and then add details. Hot glue construction paper buttons, eyes and a cone shape for the nose to the pinata. The scarf is made of felt (one piece cut in thirds lengthwise, sewn end to end, with slits cut on the outside ends to make fringe).

See the pinata in action at Bella’s breakfast with Santa birthday party.


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