“You’ve been booed” is a Halloween activity that became one of our most loved Halloween traditions when our kids were younger.

This free you’ve been booed sign is the perfect way to create a fun basket of goodies for your kids. Now that they are older, George and I have started our own adult booing tradition, “You’ve Been Boozed!” If you are lucky enough to have younger children, be sure to use these free printables to say boo, and have some family fun.
you ve been booed

You’ve been booed

How does this fun Halloween tradition work? Put together a bucket of treats and secretly leave it on a neighbor’s porch – that’s it. It’s a great way to spread holiday cheer before Halloween!

What does it mean to get booed? The poem below is attached to the bucket. It explains why they’ve gotten their surprise candy, and then they hang the sign in their window to let everyone know they’ve been booed. Now they have to pass it on to another neighbor, filling it with new treats.
we ve been booed

You’ll need a few supplies to create this bucket of treats. First, find a container that you can turn into a ghost. I found this white bucket in the Halloween section at our local dollar store, but you can reuse a container you already have at home. This one says trick or treat on one side, and on the other side I cut out black construction paper circles to make a ghost face.

You’ve Been Booed Printables

Download the files next. Print one black and white copy of the poem, and then one copy of our friendly ghost. Cut out the poem and attach to the side of the ghost bucket. Place a ghost in the bucket for the recipient to hang in their window.

You’ve been Booed Ghost

You’ve been Booed Printable Tag

booed printable

BOOing Poem

This friendly ghost has come to say BOO!
Full of Halloween treats just for you.
Empty them out onto your nearest table
Then fill with new treats as soon as you’re able.
Go out in the dark, be quiet, be sneaky
Just be sure your shoes are not squeaky.
Place the ghost at your friend’s front door please.
Ring the doorbell, run quickly, before anyone sees.
You want this to be a complete surprise!
Your friend doesn’t expect a ghost to arrive.
In the dark of night as this ghost floats along
May good Halloween wishes go on and on.
Happy Halloween

you ve been booed

You’ve Been Booed Instructions

Fill your bucket full of treats first. Slip in the “We’ve Been Booed” ghost printable. Get ready to “BOO.”

If you’d like other you’ve been booed ideas besides candy, try baked goods, little toys, fruit, or a mix of candy and trinkets.  I like to let the kids come up with cute ideas that are personalized for their friends.

Wait until it is dark, and then sneak up to your friend’s house and leave the goodies. Kids think this is the funnest part.

you ve been booed activity

This activity isn’t just for neighborhoods. You can easily boo your office by leaving a bucket of treats on a coworker’s desk. This is also super fun to do at school, within a single classroom, or between the different classes.

Have fun! Looking for more fun ways to celebrate? Check out these fun Halloween Activities.

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  1. LOVE this idea, and such a great way to show some of the neighbors some love. Definitely going to try this out in a few weeks! Thanks for the great idea.

  2. We have been doing this tradition since you first posted about it years ago. While my kids are older, they still love it. We do it for the younger families in our neighborhood. I also like the boozed idea for those without kids. We might have to give that a try this year.

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