You Are My Sunshine eos lip balm gift is a great way to brighten someone’s day.  I am alway looking for clever way to provide encouragement.  I love putting together care packages. Do you? I even have some darling care package printables to make it super easy! Just print out the gift tags and attach them to candy bars and other gifts. Too fun! How do you brighten someone’s day?

eos Lip Balm Gift  “You Are My Sunshine” Saying

You Are My Sunshine EOS Lip Balm Gift

eos you are my sunshine printable 

All you need to do is download the printable. Print in color on white card stock. Use a circle punch to cut out the circles.  I use one that measures slightly smaller than 1 1/4 inch. I don’t see it online to share a link.  I have used a 1 1/2 circle punch.  It is slightly larger than it needs to be. The circle can always be cut out with an x-acto knife too.

50 ways  to brighten someone’s day

  1. Bake some goodies and bring to work for your co-workers.(They would love these sugar cookies, the frosting is amazing)
  2. Take your neighbor some goodies.(Try this delicious pumpkin bread)
  3. Hold the door open for someone.
  4. Give change to the homeless.
  5. Leave “I love you” notes for your family in pockets, lunch etc. (Here are some printable kindness cards and printable lunch box notes)
  6. Say “hello” to a stranger.
  7. Let someone go in front of you in traffic.
  8. Ask an elderly person to tell you a story about their past.
  9.  Ask someone about their children.
  10. Send someone a handwritten letter in the mail.
  11. Deliver flowers to a friend for no reason at all. (Attach this cute gift tag)
  12. Make a family member their favorite meal.
  13. Offer to watch a friend’s children for a few hours. (Check out these kids activities to keep them entertained)
  14. Take a “get well” basket to someone who is sick.
  15. Ask for someone’s opinion. It will make them feel valuable.
  16. Bring a meal to the family of anyone in the hospital, on bed rest or could use some extra help.
  17. Surprise your kid with their favorite dessert. (this is ours, Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie)
  18. Send a thank you note.
  19. Listen… even if you’ve heard the story before.
  20. Talk to a stranger in the line at the grocery.
  21. Compliment someone.
  22. Leave a note on a public bathroom mirror saying “You’re beautiful.”
  23. Send a text to tell someone you’re thinking about them.
  24. Call up a friend just to ask how they are.
  25. Offer your seat to someone standing on the train or bus.
  26. Smile at a stranger.
  27. Write down positive quotes and place them in library books.
  28. Give someone a generous tip.
  29. Return a cart for an older person or a busy mother.
  30. Leave sticky notes with a thoughtful message for your friend, co-worker or spouse.(how to print on post-it notes)
  31. Hold the door open for someone.
  32. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  33. Deliver a meal to someone.
  34. Send someone an unexpected gift.
  35. Run an errand for someone who can’t get out
  36. Write a love letter to your spouse.
  37. Tell someone a joke or funny story.
  38. Visit a friend or relative in hospital.
  39. Have a friendly chat with the cashier and call them by name.
  40. If you had a good service at a restaurant or store, let the manager know.
  41. Treat a friend to lunch.
  42. Put change in an expired meter.
  43. Talk to someone who doesn’t know anyone at a party.
  44. Tell someone how they inspired you.
  45. Volunteer at a charity
  46. Thank a teacher (find the perfect teacher appreciation gift idea)
  47. Drop off some goodies at your nearest fire station or police station.
  48. Bring the neighbor’s newspaper closer to the front door.
  49. Invite someone over, someone who might need a friend.
  50. Lend someone a hand!


Here are a few more eos lip balm gift printables. They make fun useful gifts that will brighten someone’s day! Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the post.

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