Walking tacos are a family favorite around here. They are perfect for serving a crowd, in fact we make them for a lot of parties and both adults and children love them! Even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy making their own bagged taco.  They come together quickly and are easy to potluck the ingredients.    If you like tacos, try my homemade taco seasoning, you will never buy taco seasoning again! A great taco seasoning will definitely enhance the flavor of the recipe.


What is a Walking Taco

A walking taco  is essentially a taco served in a bag. A taco in a bag?  What a great idea!! The simplicity of the design make it a great snack or meal for outdoor events such as pot lucks, picnics and even tail-gaiting!  The taco meat can be kept warm in a crockpot and everyone can serve themselves.  We even make walking tacos while we are camping because they are such a great outdoor meal and the chip bags make great individual servings.  Discovering how to make a taco in a bag has been a great addition to our summertime outdoor parties and events!  In fact, it is a tradition on 4th of July and Labor Day holidays.  My family likes the taste, but I love the simple design and easy clean up!

How to make Walking Tacos

You need doritos or frito lunch size bags.  I like to have both varieties on hand to allow folks to have a choice.  Both chip flavors make great walking tacos, so it really is a matter of personal preference.

Make your favorite taco recipe and add the toppings in the chip bag. That is it!  The meal could not be any more simple–and who doesn’t love tacos?

Open the bag, crush up the chips and add a scoop of taco meat.  Top with your favorite taco toppings, including any of the following, walk away, and enjoy!

  • shredded cheese
  • sour creme
  • shredded lettuce
  • salsa
  • taco sauce
  • jalapenos
  • green chilies

The topping list can be as elaborate or as simple as you would like.  Whatever it is that your family would eat on regular tacos.  Keep it simple for everyone to serve themselves, and don’t forget a spoon or fork!  When I am feeding just my family, I sometimes skip the individual bags of chips.  Instead I grab the family size bag of corn chips and place a handful in a paper boat (I still want simple AND an easy clean up!) Toppings go on just the same and you can still walk away while eating.   Are you feeding a crowd of 50 or 100?  You can find some great tips on how to make that happen easily!  These walking tacos make an easy meal to serve at concession stands, sporting events and fundraisers too!

Are Walking Tacos the Same as Frito-Pie

Frito-pie is a dish that became popular in the southern states.  My Texas family tells me that it is served at all little league and football concession stands and that it is even served in the school cafeteria. It is similar to a walking taco in that both use an individual bag of corn chips.  A frito-pie can use the same toppings, however instead of taco meat, chili meat is used.  Want to try this variation? Just as the walking taco is a great outdoor summer meal, something about the frito-pie feels like a great fall dish to me…maybe the chili?  Here is a great recipe for a slowcooker chili.


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  1. What a great idea! Love the kid friendly meal with easy clean up – that’s a win win! Can’t wait to make them

  2. Making these this weekend for a family 4th of July get together. Going to try that homemade seasoning 🙂 thanks for the recipe 😊

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