Breakfast and brunch is the most important meal of the day and may be my favorite time of the day! The eggs, bacon, finger sandwiches. Pretty much any type of food you serve at either falls pretty high on my list. Now, with this new charcuterie board fad, I knew it was only a matter of time before my favorite meal of the day became a board! It’s now happening, and these brunch charcuterie board ideas blow traditional charcuterie boards out of the water!

The first step to making a good charcuterie board is having all the right tools. Everything listed below is a favorite of mine, and I have used to create my own charcuterie boards.

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38 Brunch Charcuterie Board Ideas 

If you are looking for a delicious charcuterie brunch board, I’ve put them in this post. No continental breakfast here, just yummy brunch charcuterie board ideas that are perfect for the weekend or your next get-together.

1. Simple Brunch Charcuterie Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-joyful healthy eats
Looks almost too good to eat!

A breakfast charcuterie board that includes all of your family’s favorite breakfast items. Joyful healthy eats has put together a board with pancakes, hard-boiled eggs, bacon, breakfast sausage, and more!

2. Brunch Charcuterie Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-a classic twist
All of your favorites, and perfect for brunch.

A classic twist has a breakfast spread that includes waffles, pancakes, donut holes, fruit, and more! You and your family will not know where to start eating!

3. Easy Brunch Charcuterie Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-31 daily
A simple and delicious bagel board.

If you are looking for some easy brunch board ideas, this charcuterie board from 31 Daily includes some tasty options like bagels, granola, and juicy fruits. It is the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day or Christmas Day.


brunch charcuterie board ideas-jennifer maune
Heart-shaped waffles and love.

A charcuterie board that goes great with a cup of coffee! Heart shaped waffles, crispy bacon, and fruit fill in all the empty spaces, and this board from Jennifer Maune has everything your family will want when it comes to a breakfast platter. 


brunch charcuterie board ideas-modern glam
A simple and delicious waffle board.

Modern Glam has a waffle brunch board with fresh fruit that can easily be served at room temperature without going bad! Your family or friends will love being able to create their own waffles.


brunch charcuterie board ideas-champagne tastes
Bagel and lox for breakfast.

Bagel and lox is a very popular breakfast item and a great addition to any brunch! Just grab a tray, some normal-sized or mini bagels, fresh salmon, and add some fixings to create this perfect breakfast board from Champagne Tastes.

7. Brunch Charcuterie Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-happy happy nester
Everything you need for a delicious breakfast.

Easter is a very popular brunch day, and Happy Happy Nester has created an easy brunch charcuterie board that includes mini pancakes, mini cinnamon rolls, fruit, scones, and pretty much all of the crowd favorites!

8. Easy Brunch Charcuterie Board Recipe

brunch charcuterie board ideas-everyday eye candy
A simple brunch board.

Mini waffles, maple syrup, sausage links, and french toast sticks are all included on this breakfast snack board. Everyday Eyecandy has included items with savory flavor, and you won’t be able to pick where to start.


brunch charcuterie board ideas-lucis morsels
A traditional and brunch board combined.

If you’re looking for a charcuterie board that is more traditional with a brunch-type twist, you’ll want to try Luci’s Morsels simple and savory options.

10. Brunch Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-get cracking
A large and in charge brunch charcuterie board.

Get Cracking has created an epic brunch board that will please your whole family! It not only includes some breakfast favorites like scrambled eggs and hash browns. But, some decorative elements like pomegranates. 


brunch charcuterie board ideas-waapple
Can’t go wrong with this delicious apple-filled board.

The easiest way to create a brunch charcuterie board that doesn’t require a trip to the grocery store is to use items you already have at home. Washington Apple does just that, using small bowls of peanut butter and eggs and filling in the open spaces with apples. A simple breakfast or healthy snack grazing board.

12. The Ultimate Charcuterie Plate: Making a Healthy Charcuterie Board

 brunch charcuterie board ideas-whole lotta yum
A brunch board that can also be a lunch board.

With various cheeses, crackers, and fruit, this easy charcuterie board from whole lotta yum is the perfect board for brunch.

13. How to Build a Brunch Charcuterie Board (+ Savory Muffins Recipe)

brunch charcuterie board ideas-vita cost
A simple breakfast charcuterie board, for one.

Grab your favorite breakfast foods. There are so many brunch charcuterie board ideas out there! This particular board from Vita Cost includes waffles, bagels, cream cheese, and some breakfast meats like bacon.

14. Build Your Own Bagel Brunch Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-aint too proud to meg
A large bagel board with all the fixings.

Ain’t Too Proud To Meg has put together a make-your-own bagel board, a typical breakfast item that has many different variations, and a large tray that can easily feed a large crowd on Christmas morning or at a baby shower.


brunch charcuterie board ideas-life made sweeter
A deliciously sweet waffle board.

If you’re hosting Mother’s Day brunch this year, then this waffle board from Life Made Sweeter may make the perfect addition. A great way to serve a crowd favorite.

16. How To Make a Brunch Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-averie cooks
A brunch board full of tasty options.

A wonderful way to serve some sweet treats and hot foods like biscuits, breakfast ham, and eggs. Averie cooks has a brunch board that includes it all!

17. How to Make a Waffle Charcuterie Brunch Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-all recipes

The great thing about waffles is no matter their size. They are often the best part of a breakfast charcuterie board. This waffle board from All Recipes includes a variety of waffles, and fruit, and even includes some hard-boiled eggs and bacon for a little extra something-something.

18. All about brunch charcuterie board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-nostrano
A mix of breakfast and lunch.

Traditional charcuterie board meets brunch board is what seems to be happening with the board from Nostrano. Piled high with meat like ham, sausage, and salami. Plus, other favorites like scrambled eggs, fluffy waffles, and fruit.

19. Brunch Board Ideas

 brunch charcuterie board ideas-urban bliss life
A bagel board and more.

Urban Bliss Life has a bagel board that is absolutely to die for. It is overflowing with bagels, cream cheese, veggies, and other fixings that are perfect for a hardy breakfast or brunch.

20. Brunch Charcuterie Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-stout
A manly brunch board for anyone.

If you enjoy a cocktail at brunch, then the Stout charcuterie board may be the option you want to try. It pairs perfectly with a bloody mary and includes all of the delicious parts of a traditional charcuterie board.

21. Mother’s Day Brunch Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-honey and birch
A brunch board with everything you’ll need.

A grazing platter is a perfect addition to any Mother’s Day event. If you’re hosting your family this Mother’s Day weekend, the brunch charcuterie board from The Thirsty Feast is a board that will please all of your guests.

22. Brunch Berry Cheese Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-winsconsin cheese
A brunch board for two.

Wisconsin Cheese has had some great ideas when it comes to a cheese board lately! This sweet and salty brunch board is no different. This time they added in mascarpone cheese, cookies, and specialty cheese.

23. Easter Breakfast Charcuterie Board`

brunch charcuterie board ideas-sugar salt magic
Is it breakfast, brunch, or lunch?

An easy brunch charcuterie board that is perfect for any special occasion. sugar salt magic has included so many different elements you just won’t know where to start.

24. Easy Brunch Charcuterie Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-healthy foodie
A delicious breakfast board.

Fluffy pancakes, muffins, and orange slices are the centerpieces for this brunch charcuterie board from healthy foodie that gives you everything you need for a main dish!

25. Sweet + Savory No-Cook Brunch Boards

brunch charcuterie board ideas-sarah j hauser
A simple board for one.

If you are not a great chef, charcuterie boards are normally the perfect item for you to bring or prepare for your next party. But brunch boards often require some level of cooking or baking. Don’t worry, though, Sarah J. Hauser has prepared a sweet and savory no cook brunch board.


brunch charcuterie board ideas-orchids and sweet tea
A grown-up brunch board.

Vegan guests can sometimes be challenging to accommodate depending on what they eat and what they don’t. Orchids + Sweet Tea has prepared a board that is easy and perfect to serve to vegan guests.

27. Brunch Charcuterie Board Perfect for Any Occasion

brunch charcuterie board ideas- roche bros
A delicious board.

Roche Bros. has put together a board that is perfect for any breakfast fan. Including eggs, salmon, hummus, jams, etc. This board will not disappoint.

28. How To Make The Perfect Brunch Grazing Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-cake and confetti
Dig In!

A brunch charcuterie board that includes breakfast, lunch, and dessert is the perfect addition to any party. Your guests will love to be able to grab all three options from this array from Cake & Confetti.

29. How to Build a Delicious Brunch Charcuterie Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-a blissful nest

Looking for an elegant and delicious brunch charcuterie board, then this board from A Blissful Nest is about as elegant as they get. She not only included beautiful containers for the syrup and honey but premade yogurt parfaits for anyone to grab and go.

30. Building the Best Brunch Charcuterie Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-the crumby kitchen
A elegant and delicious brunch charcuterie board.

Grab a glass of orange juice or a mimosa, and enjoy this natural and delicious brunch board from the crumby kitchen.

31. How to Make a Beautiful Charcuterie Brunch Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-beautiful eats and things
A creative brunch board.

Beautiful Eats & Things has put together a brunch charcuterie board that includes all of your favorite things. But it doesn’t stop there. Avocados and even some cinnamon cream cheese make an appearance as well!

32. Rainbow Brunch Charcuterie Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-nellie bellie
A rainbow brunch board.

A rainbow charcuterie board from nellie bellie with veggies, rolls, and some smoked salmon is the perfect way to get your children to try different foods while enjoying some brunch.

33. Easy Brunch Charcuterie Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-cutefetti
A breakfast board for one.

Looking to enjoy a brunch board for one? Cutefetti has the perfect one. You’ll get all your favorite with pancakes, fruit, and even homemade jam.

34. Mother’s Day Brunch Board with Walmart Plus

brunch charcuterie board ideas-styled by nina
A simple pancake breakfast board.

Styled by Nina likes to keep things simple. But, if you are looking for a holiday brunch board for Mother’s Day, then you want to try this one.


brunch charcuterie board ideas-pancake recipes
A Christmas breakfast.

You may not even want to eat this brunch board. It’s so beautiful! Pancake Recipes has included different items that everyone enjoys, from pancakes, and cinnamon rolls, to bacon and sausage!


brunch charcuterie board ideas-kitchen divas
A delicious summertime brunch board.

Kitchen Divas have a brunch board full of mini waffles, fruit, and some great dipping options! The best thing? It will be completely gone within the first couple of minutes. No need to deal with leftovers in the fridge for 3-5 days.


brunch charcuterie board ideas-arina photography
A board that’s the perfect addition to brunch.

Bagels are a quintessential brunch item, and putting together a bagel board is simple and delicious. Arina Photography has put together a simple bagel charcuterie buffet board.

38. 7 Minute Brunch Cheese Board

brunch charcuterie board ideas-lovely lucky life
A delicate mix between lunch and breakfast.

Only have 7 minutes?  This cheese board from lovely lucky life is the perfect brunch item for you and your family. 

Brunch is one of my favorite events, and I absolutely love all of the breakfast and lunch foods. Bring a brunch charcuterie board to my next event, and I will be your best friend forever!

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